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If Your Partner Doesn’t Understand You, Your Adam Will.

Ever since John Cleese berated his car in the street whilst thrashing it with a branch and possibly even before that, drivers have tried to make their feelings plain to their cars – sometimes in no uncertain terms. It’s a harmless pastime and one that helps to vent the impotent rage building up inside the owners of badly behaved cars. Now, in some eerie portent of things to come, we have finally reached the stage when the cars can answer back.

OK, this may be overstating things a bit, but it is true that it is now possible to communicate verbally with your car as Vauxhall are demonstrating in their new small car. As if it were not enough that the Adam is offered in more combinations than there are stars in the sky, it can now be enhanced with Siri Eyes Free iPhone Integration as part of the IntelliLink infotainment system.

Siri Eyes Free is an intelligent assistant courtesy of Apple that helps a driver get things done whilst on the move by using voice commands which will get a verbal response from the car. Using a button on the steering wheel linking with a compatible iPhone using iOS6, the driver can chat with Siri and ask it to perform certain tasks without having to take eyes off the road or hands from the wheel. Just like talking to your best pal. Sheldon Cooper would love this.

Best of all, Siri is available free from the day of writing this on any Adam fitted with the IntelliLink system. If owners already have their Adam then Intellilink can be added via a free update starting in July. The whole shooting match can be continually updated throughout the life of the period of ownership.

It works by simply connecting a compatible device via Bluetooth to pair it with the system and activate via the steering wheel button. Other apps can still be running in the background whilst music and navigation is muted for the duration of the chat. Despite the rather alarming SF potential of this system there is no doubt that it brings a whole new level of safety to hands-free.

Additionally, users can make voice activated calls to iPhone contacts, select music from their iTunes library without menu scrolling and even compose and send an iMessage or review appointments. Siri will also advise on the weather, the scores or when the next Bank Holiday falls. Siri seems like one of the better automotive ideas making good use of technology and, unlike the person next to you, won”t criticise your choice of music. Not yet anyway.

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Vauxhall Adam 2013 Soon To Be Released

In 2013 a new range of small city hatchbacks by Vauxhall are to be released, the range is known as the Vauxhall Adam. Targeting ever popular Fiat 500 as its competitor, the new Adam is as small and appealing which could take the market with force.

The driver can alter the car’s appearance to cater for their every need. There are three styles to choose from known as Chic Look, Slam or Glam all with their own characteristics. A range of colours from bright yellows and greens to classy blues and reds are on offer. The roof colour can be changed along with trims and wheels combinations that make every Adam unique

The Vauxhall Adam comes with a few engine variants. The choices are a 1.2 or 1.4 litre variants, the 1.4 litre 86bhp is forecast to be the popular choice with its responsive steering and tight control to the road. The 1.4 litre 99bhp is expected to offer a little more punch on the road.

The driving remains relaxed over long journeys due to the ergonomic design. Long distance driving in the Adam still keeps the driver well supported throughout. Inside the customer can decide between seat trims, roof linings and side panels in the car. The interior replicates the quirky nature the Adam seems to deliver.

Prices starts at £11,255 which when compared to the Fiat 500 at just under £10,000, the Fiat is clearly the cheaper option. Paying that little bit extra gives customers the options to create a unique car with a generous list of paint colour, roof colour, wheels, interior trim and roof lining. Will the Vauxhall Adam be able to take the title of best supermini?

The new Vauxhall Adam is predicted to launch in spring 2013.

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New Cars, Concepts And Rumours

Regardless of what the world thinks of Alfa Romeo there can be no denying that they really know how to style a car. This time they have let twenty ‘Master in Transportation Design’ students loose on the drawing boards. The prototype sports saloon so dramatically pictured is what they have come up with.

It is codenamed ‘Gloria’ although why they would want to name a car after the barmaid down at the Ferret and Trousers Public House is not known. What is known is that it is absolutely gorgeous and that AR should rush it into production, like right now. In the meantime, now that the flawed but beautiful 159 has gone, they will be selling the new Guilia saloon from 2014 into the executive sector.

Staying in Italy it seems clear that Dacia’s assault on the European market with budget priced cars has rather aggravated directors at mighty FIAT. As a consequence, rather than leaving a beef lasagne in the beds of Dacia staff as a warning, they are now considering a rival low-cost new car.

In the knowledge that premium car sales are flatlining and with some manufacturers in trouble the company thinks that dormant build capacity outside of Europe could be used for a suitable vehicle with an eye especially on developing markets. The rumour is the cars could be branded Innocenti, a budget marque that FIAT purchased in 1990.

After the Geneva Show fans of cabriolets will be able to get their hands on the terrific Vauxhall Cascada that Motor Blogger featured a while back but on the concept front they appear to be getting down with the kids with the Adam Rocks. The Adam, Vauxhall’s new small car has been well received so the company is showing the Rocks as a possible advance on the model.

It’s apparently an ‘urban mini-crossover’ that could well herald yet another sector within the industry as car makers strive to boost sales with variants. The Adam Rocks is taller, wider, tougher yet more compact allegedly (How?) than its sibling and offers a cabrio roof. Certainly the Adam is almost infinitely customisable so where are they going to go with this? In addition Vauxhall intend to take the Adam rallying with an R2 version that meets FIA regulations and can be set up for tarmac or gravel conditions. Interesting.

Finally, for now, Peugeot have a strategy for reducing fuel consumption with its Hybrid Air technology that follows on from our recent article about compressed air cars. The 2008 Hybrid Air combines petrol with compressed air in a fully hybrid configuration. This, Peugeot say, moves forward their plan to one day soon achieve 140mpg. The sooner the better as far as Britain’s motorists are concerned.

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Tempting Adam

We mentioned the forthcoming Vauxhall Adam last month on Motor Blogger; now we’re pleased to say that it has been road tested by the experts and jolly well it’s done too. This small funky car comes in three trim levels amusingly named Glam, Jam and Slam. It seems a shame that a rumoured fourth option – the Spam – isn’t to be made available as it was said to be a bit meatier than the others. The idea got canned, apparently.

In a field of very attractive small cars the Adam more than holds its own in the looks department. That’s it in the picture. Road testers are reporting that it is an excellent drive, with a choice of three engines to choose from. Unfortunately at this point in time the company have missed a trick by not including a road tax busting motor emitting less than 99g/km. That seems like an oversight which maybe they‘ll rectify in due course.

The competition online casino in the small car sector is fierce indeed. Citroen‘s DS3, the Fiat 500, the ubiquitous Mini and the virtuous Audi A1 are also vying for the popularity prize; not to mention the plethora of city cars on the market just now.

The car’s design has a family resemblance – something that most manufacturers are doing these days. There are so many options that no two Adam’s need look the same. Anyone not especially interested in personalisation to that degree will be pleased to note that some of the most desirable kit is built in as standard. Alloy wheels, cruise, Bluetooth and air-conditioning all make onto even the base model. For many buyers that’s possibly enough.

All the versions drive through a five speed gearbox with stop-start as an option, and should deliver a healthy fifty plus miles for every hard-earned gallon. On the road it provides lively if not dramatic performance from the small engines but it’s real joy is in the handling department. The steering is perfectly weighted and the brakes strong. Ride is firm, as you might expect, but never uncomfortable.

A highlight is apparently the IntelliLink infotainment centre. This is a reasonable cost option that brings with it a high level of connectivity delivered through a big touch screen. Indispensable in this information age, we should think.

It is clear that, like the other new offerings in the Vauxhall catalogue, the company have invested a lot of thought, time and effort into making this terrific little car and they should have a success on their hands. If though, when you’re out and about, you come across one called the Scam – walk away. Not an option.

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In Praise of Small Cars

As you probably know, it all started back in 1959 when the original Mini first burst onto the motoring scene. What a revelation it apparently was. Here was a car that could carry four, park on a sixpence (old coin – don’t worry about it) and be repaired using only Meccano and the interior parts of an old sofa.

It set the tone for the future of motoring and the more time has progressed the more compact cars have become. It’s interesting that, despite the many improvements in automotive technology, nobody has really bettered that old original car for sheer smallness. Some have tried and generally failed. The present iteration of the Mini is vast compared to that tiny predecessor, but in the main, manufacturers fit a great deal into small packages.

The Ford Fiesta is a case in point. It’s bigger than it used to be but contains vastly more technology than the original version. It is also more frugal and actually looks far more expensive than it actually is.

Meanwhile, over at Citroen, the DS3 is gaining popularity faster than Nicole Scherzinger when all the boys thought she’d left that Hamilton chap. This diminutive car has somehow developed a personality that appeals across the board. It can be configured in many ways and thus becomes all things to all buyers.

There are city cars that rival the Mini of old but because of the bewildering array on offer don’t somehow seem to have that same appeal. They are economic tools for town driving and public interest doesn’t really extend beyond that. Yet these little marvels are capable of much more. Most of them can hold their own on the motorway and are perfectly able to manage distance work. In short, they are underestimated because the manufacturers don’t really push all their virtues.

Polo’s, IQ’s, Swift’s, 500’s, i10’s, Fabia’s and even Granddad’s favourite, the Jazz, are all cracking cars in their own right. All manufacturers have a small car to call their own and now Vauxhall are getting in on the act with the funky new Adam. Ideally, they’d have a chosen a different name but that’s a matter of personal choice.

The Adam is likely to take the market by storm, given its modern chic looks. Build quality looks to be superb. The variation options are called Jam (trendy), Glam (luxury) and Slam (sporty); so presumably the names were chosen whilst under the influence of an hallucinogen. This small car is designed to rival the Mini and aims to really push the boat out as Vauxhall are claiming that it would be possible to order over one million trim and colour combinations, which seems excessive and is likely to inspire some weird and wonderful choices. Still, Vauxhall won’t concern themselves with resale values but they have promised to ensure that customers don’t go too mad. Illuminated starlight interior roof panel anyone?

So, overall, the small car is king. Long may it reign.

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