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Wow! It’s The Bentley GT Speed

The other day Motor Blogger felt a bit like Mike Brewer, ‘I’ve got meself a Bentley’! I cried; sadly, unlike Mr Brewer, I had to give it back.

Never mind, it was nice while it lasted. The car in the photos is the Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible. In the brief period allowed it made a very big impression on me, right from the moment the 6.0 litre W12 engine was fired up. The rumble of this car at tick-over with the sound insulated hood down is very satisfying in that it portends of wondrous things to come.

Inside, the Continental is like the definitive definition of quality. If you took this car away for a romantic weekend there’d be no need to book a room. The interior will always be nicer than any hotel. This is automotive hand-crafting at its very best. From the sumptuous hide seats to the heritage inspired touches the driver and the passengers are cosseted in comfort. Things get a little tight in the back but once installed most normally proportioned people won’t feel too cramped.

Drive is through an eight speed gearbox that can be controlled via the large, well placed paddles within finger-tip reach of the perfectly proportioned leather Getting inked multiple deals in the last month to supply social gaming choices for those sites of land-based casinos in Arizona, California and Nevada, DoubleDown just signed an identical cope with its first in Vegas. steering wheel. Alternatively stay in auto because on kick-down the gearbox has the uncanny ability of block-shifting to just the right gear suggested by the urgency of the applied right foot.

All 616bhp have to be controlled somehow and, this being a GT Speed, the Bentley engineers have plainly added extra sharpness to the chassis dynamics. The company provided tons of detail about the technology but Motor Blogger took their word for that. All I know is, out on the highway, drive and power is effortless; although on twisting roads the driver is always aware that this is a big car.B21 Wow! It’s The Bentley GT Speed

Outside, the dark tint grill and air intakes set this particular version of the GT apart from its brethren as do the unique 21” Speed alloys, which are also available with the dark tint. It is interesting to note the absence of any obvious form of spoiler. All the downforce this car needs -even in excess of 200mph (apparently) – is provided by the gentle lip on the back of the boot lid. Now that’s design.

Driving, the scenery moves past at warp factor speed and, all to soon, a junction is indicated. The massive brakes are progressive and pull down the speed without drama. With the hood down the full soundtrack is available but sadly this is not the Amalfi Coast; this a dull day somewhere in England and I had to pull over to put the roof on. This action places some minor demands upon the left index finger as the roof slides silently out of its cave and installs itself. Once fitted all is quiet.

The temptation was to keep on going until I came to an ocean but, sadly, it was time to return to base. Despite its size the GT was easy to park thanks to an excellent reverse camera system. In the supermarket car park though, it would probably be best to park in those faraway spaces around the edges.

There is no point talking about the price. You can afford it or you can’t but if ever you get the chance to drive a car like this, grab it with both hands!

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Beautifully Exotic – Totally European

As readers will know, the car industry has gone global and the multitude of mainstream manufacturers are promoting the idea of the ‘world’ car simply because the idea is so cost effective. The downside is that although cars are generally decent value they can seem to be much of a muchness, distinguished only by the amount and quality of the options on offer.

So, just once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to indulge in a bit of wishful thinking. Despite the current automotive ubiquity it is good to know that there are still dedicated and wealthy car enthusiasts willing to invest their hard-earned cash into the development of what we like to call supercars.

This was the thinking of one Robert Cobben from the Netherlands, who last year established the Vencer company. His idea – to offer the world a choice of supercar that doesn’t say Ferrari or Lamborghini on it. This isn’t a new idea obviously as companies like Koenigsegg and Pagani have shown but it looks like he is on to a winner with this car; provided of course potential buyers have a minimum of £225,000 to hand.

There are certain things that suggest his new car, the Sarthe (named for the twenty four hour race at the circuit of the same name), will be a success. Primarily, Vencer are taking no chances with reliability and will be using a 510bhp V8 supplied by General Motors and found in the Corvette. This in turn is bolted to a six-speed manual gearbox. This is a tried and tested motor capable of propelling the car past 200mph thanks to its light weight. 62mph is said to be achieved in 3.8 seconds. Overall, it’s about the same size as a 911.

Under the very stylish body there are no real surprises either. The car has a tubular steel space-frame chassis and a build that incorporates chrome-molybdenum and aluminium. Nothing too radical or off-the-wall. Inside, all the usual must-haves are there and as ever options will be available. Only ten cars will be produced annually which should give the Sarthe an air of exclusivity. Vencer are prepared to make a RHD version if demand is there.

In addition to cooperation from GM, Vencer have also enlisted the tyre expertise of Vredestein to ensure that all that oomph stays firmly on the road.

It appears that the company have gone down a trusted route with the design of this car and there’s nothing wrong with that. It looks the part but whether or not it can wrest supercar buyers from the established brands remains to be seen. The Vencer Sarthe will be formally introduced at London’s Syon Park Salon Privé in September.

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