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Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Eyesight deteriorates; that’s one of the facts of life that we all have to bear to a greater or lesser extent. Loss of sight can be a tragic thing yet it is something we take for granted. Few people realise – even those who wear glasses or lenses – that even though they have some eyesight correction, this goes awry over time and we just don’t notice the gradual decline.

The road safety charity BRAKE, with partners, has just launched a campaign calling on motorists to act by getting an eye test every two years. This is the normal recommended period yet most of us – be honest now – let this slide. The problem is, as far as driving is concerned, we may be putting others in jeopardy without realising it.

BRAKE says that over a quarter of us have not had a vision test in the last two years. Obviously, it may well be that there is nothing wrong with your eyes, good; but what if they are deteriorating and your brain is just compensating for it? Nine percent of folk questioned hadn’t had a check-up for over five years! For a small percentage it is even longer.eye2 Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Meanwhile, some drivers who use glasses don’t always wear them, which, if you think about it, is asking for trouble. Then there are the people who state determinedly that ‘they don’t need glasses’. This is, ahem, a short-sighted view. How do they know if they haven’t been to an optician?

Now, statistics can often be distorted or made to say something other than their meaning so Motor Blogger is always a little careful to fully endorse them, especially when they come from a vested interest, but the Charity reckon that the estimated number of road casualties caused by poor eyesight is 2,900. That’s a lot and it certainly signifies that a problem exists.

Remember that the Highway Code specifically points this out and that the dreaded DVLA will take a dim view of drivers who flaunt the requirements. They even regularly remind us that eyesight that fails the standard is an offence; the trouble is that we hear so much of this stuff from officialdom that it tends to go in one ear and out the other.

Nevertheless, the DVLA and BRAKE are not wrong. Failing eyesight can contribute to accidents, injuries and deaths. The facts speak for themselves. Right now there is no test that the police can do at the scene of an accident but, unless people start taking note, how long will it be before they devise one? Do yourself a favour. Remember the number plate reading exercise you took on your test day? Try it the next time you’re on foot. Watch for a number plate 20 metres distant and read it out loud. Don’t cheat. Then check it. You may be unpleasantly surprised. In the meantime ‘keep ‘em peeled’!

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Bad Weather Is Good News

In 2012, 1754 people were killed in road accidents. When you look at that cold hard number it seems like a lot of lost souls. Most of us have a bit of a bitch from time to time about the amount of regulation enforced upon us in the name of road safety but it is hard to argue with that statistic.

The good news though is that figure is down 8% on the previous year. All this has been reported by the Department for Transport in a document entitled ‘Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain’. Astonishing though it is to believe, the total is the lowest recorded since 1926. Then, there were 2.3m vehicles on the roads – today there are over thirty million. We must be doing something right.

This reduction, it says in the report, can be attributed to the fact that the weather in this country is so horrible. Heavy rainfall apparently kept cyclists – motorised or otherwise – and pedestrians out of the danger zone and safely ensconced indoors or in their cars. It is probably fair to assume that the increasing number of safety features on cars has some impact but it is still an interesting and valid point, although others disagree – below.

Being British we are stoic when it comes to appalling weather and shrug it off; greeting a sunny day or a warm day with a grateful nod of approval – turning our faces to the golden orb like sunflowers – and following that with an unseemly display of pallid body parts that should remain discreetly covered. Bad weather stops us doing things.

It is curious to note that the Office for National Statistics – the only place in the land where staff look forward to lists – reckon that this reduction in tragedies is not down to safer cars. This is a surprise. Instead the ONS attribute the reduction to a dismal summer when rainfall last year was twice the average in June and more than twice the average in July.

Sadly, there was an increase of ten percent in deaths amongst cyclists who, because they are often in the same space as cars, are arguably the most vulnerable. Deaths amongst pedestrians was down but still totalled a massive 420.

As the Road Safety Minister says, ‘there is still a lot of work to do’, and he is correct. There is a slight caveat to all this. More people die in cars than outside them despite the fact that they are also the most protected. A lot of it is down to bad or careless driving but sometimes an accident is just that – an accident. Before the onus is placed squarely on drivers and they are held responsible whatever the circumstances there should first be some considered thought about fair play.

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Involved in a car accident? Claim today

We all hope that we will never have a car accident and need to make a claim for things like whiplash compensation, but it happens more frequently than you may think. However, not many people have ever worried about this enough to research it. So, when it does happen you need to know that you can find expert advice in regards to making a claim.

There are many people out there who claim to offer “no win no fee” or say they have all the experience, but is this true? Working with expert solicitors from a legal firm means that you have the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve.


When researching for claims, you need to know where to look – who to search for. It is fairly simple really; you need an accessible and knowledgeable law firm to give you clear advice. Finding one of those isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but when you use a website like Road Traffic Accident Site you will be in safe hands.


You need to find out all about road traffic incidents and what this means to you. A guide to compensation and a rundown of common injuries is crucial. Know what your problem is and then find the way to solve it.


Most firms will set you up with a “no win no fee” deal that gives you all the compensation. This is ideal for these situations because it means you’re never making a loss. By getting the When it comes down to it, online are games of luck. right documentation going in – plus a top law firm – you will be putting your best foot forward for a top claim.


You’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault. Many people may think that this is something that they should just get on with. What about my insurance? Or it will take too long they might say. But, it’s your right to claim.


Evidence should be collated as soon as an incident occurs. So, photographs, eye witness reports and documents regarding losses should be created. From here, you need to get in touch with the experts and file straight away.

And there’s more

It is impossible to get everything online and you have to speak to people in person before deciding anything, and this is why you need to get in touch. Every case will have its unique points, so find your base and then speak directly to an expert for more information.

A solicitor will need to know exactly what happened, what evidence there is and how this has changed your life. Interim payments from work are possible in some cases. So, now is the time to see if you could make a claim and using the internet and professionals to guide you through the process is the perfect strategy.

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