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Monsieur Renault – With This Clio You Are Really Spoiling Us

Congratulations to all our readers on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Well done.

Perhaps they should award all European motor manufacturers a prize for making some great cars these days? For example – the Renault Clio, which has been with us for many years now and has always been considered a good, if unexciting, buy. Clio’s are a decent drive and have proved to be reliable, but now the company has looked closely at the competition and decided that it was about time Nicole and Papa’s favourite pull-mobile upped its game.

This new version really is a good looking car with the sort of design currently popular with manufacturers of small cars. It looks especially good in yellow; not a colour that suits all vehicles. Inevitably, a one litre, three cylinder motor has found its way under the bonnet with a small turbo attached. This makes for a lively 89bhp which delivers a surprisingly perky drive, much as a driver might expect from a four-pot motor.

The real talking point though will be the latest version of the established 1.5L dCI turbo engine. The company states that this improved engine will produce CO² at a low enough rate to be road tax free, deliver more torque and achieve a truly impressive 83 miles per gallon. In 2013, Renault intend to introduce an ECO version to further enhance these figures.

If that’s not enough to persuade potential buyers then the interior certainly will. On previous iterations of this car the fixtures and fittings were adequate but no more. The driver’s station in this Clio is like having your own mini-flight deck. There’s chrome and colour coding and a massive touch-screen which let’s you tinker with music, telephone and navigation as well as the almost inevitable ability to download apps. Perhaps they do one for meeting French girls. Or boys. Whatever.

If your motoring is mostly city and local then it is probably not worth paying diesel premium as the triple cylinder engine is more than up to the job; but if you’re planning to venture further afield or are a high mileage user then the diesel has got to be first choice. Don’t expect high performance but these engines won’t leave you struggling to keep up.

As has proved to be the case generally in the small car sector, the Clio is not as small as it used to be. This means that leg and headroom is improved, both front and back. It is a five door only, but with that sexier three door look thanks to hidden rear door handles. Handling has been improved thanks to a wider track and sharper steering. Other engines options will follow plus the inevitable and much anticipated RenaultSport version for the hot hatch aficionado.

All in all, Renault appear to have done the business. This is a car with something for everyone and will no doubt ring alarm bells down in the Fiesta and Polo camps. The intense competition in the small car sector can, in the long run, only be good for consumers. Long may it continue. Va Va Voom etc.

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New Renault Clio Revealed

In your life you will meet old people who will point at an ancient car and say, “I used to have one of those”. One day in the future you will be one of those people. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. As you read this, someone somewhere will point at a Mark 1 Renault Clio and say, “I used to have one of those”, because the Clio has now been with us for a venerable twenty two years.

It may well be fair to say that the Clio single-handedly rescued Renault’s reputation after a series of duds in the 1970/80’s. Its success is due to the spectacularly successful ‘Papa and Nicole’ TV campaign. Not a lot of people know that the idea for this was taken from the 1966 film ‘How To Steal A Million’. Estelle Skornik, the gamine beauty who played Nicole, had not passed her driving test when she started filming the ads so her driving scenes were done by none other than Britain’s own Penny Mallory. Don’t say you never learn anything from Motor Blogger.

The new Renault Clio is set to continue the success story. In line with trends and despite being more efficient and economical, the Clio is getting bigger. The company thinks that this model will be a more ‘upmarket’ choice. This is slightly worrying because the Clio has always been seen as decent value. We’ll see.

The new car, pictured, is very stylish to look at and first reports say that it is even better to drive than its predecessor. It fits neatly into the supermini sector and is sure to give the competition a fright, especially the all conquering Fiesta and the mighty Mini.

This is the fourth generation and takes styling cues from Renault’s stunning DeZir concept. The front of the car is likely to be the new ‘face’ of Renault with the badge being the prominent feature. The body has a rakish, sporty look so it remains to be seen how rear seat passengers will fare. The interior will be all new in terms of style and packaging, so expect a featured infotainment centre with the now expected connectivity.

The Clio will be powered by the usual crop of small turbo petrol and diesel engines and it is expected that Renault’s advanced new 3 cylinder turbo will be offered. This 900cc unit delivers 108bhp and 160Nm of torque, and promises CO2 emissions of only 95g/km, as well as 76.3mpg combined economy.  A Renaultsport version is sure to follow. The car will be formally announced at the Paris Motor Show and will be available sometime after that. Prices to be are expected to start at around £11k for a basic model. Renault have done well in the small and medium car sectors and this one looks like another winner.

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