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Porsche Panamera Hybrid Heralded A Success

Say what you like about the Porsche Panamera – and people often do – there can be no doubt that it has become a mainstay of the Porsche range. When this car first appeared about four years ago, reviewers rated it ugly. It has received a facelift a while back and, it has to be said that like an affectionate mongrel dog, it grows on you.

Motor Blogger’s editor is particularly smitten with this luxury vehicle and has never understood the resistance to its looks. It is sleek and elegant and is loaded with Porsche’s legendary reliability. What’s not to love? Over 100,000 worldwide car buyers can’t all be wrong.

On May 15th this year a Panamera S E-Hybrid drove off the assembly line at the Porsche plant in Leipzig, Germany, and it set a new technological benchmark as the first plug-in hybrid of the luxury class. In addition to the Panamera S E-Hybrid with its powerful 416 horsepower, two luxurious Executive versions with an extended wheelbase are making their debut.

The new Panamera S E-Hybrid assumes the top position among the individual Panamera models with advancements in both efficiency and sportiness. The ten versions of the Panamera that are offered, each with individual and unique properties, represent a range that is unprecedented in the Gran Turismo segment. What’s more impressive is that the built-in advanced technology has resulted in fuel savings of up to fifty six percent without detracting from the comfort, individuality and fun of driving the vehicle.

To further optimise the experience of driving this car, all models of the new generation offer greater fuel efficiency and – with the exception of the diesel model – more power. The power of the V6 engine in the Panamera and Panamera 4 has been increased by 10hp to 310 hp while fuel consumption in the two versions has been reduced. The power of the sporty GTS with a naturally aspirated V8 engine was also increased by ten horsepower to 440 hp which, it has to be said, is plenty. yet it consumes 0.8 l/100 km less than in the previous model. In addition to the new S E-Hybrid, there is the Panamera Diesel, which is still the long distance specialist.

It goes without saying that Porsche make desirable cars. The changes in design may move with glacial pace but under the skin this is state of the art automotive technology. With the new Hybrid the German company can now claim that green issues are now part of its remit too.

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Porsche Panamera Gets Greener

Once known as the brand that supped from the cup of the yuppie culture a couple of decades back, the Porsche name has managed to get well past all that nonsense to enter a new phase of popularity. The latest 911 is a state-of-the-art masterpiece (if you can get beyond the divisive electric steering) and the Cayman is simply one of the best drives that money can buy. The Cayenne is hugely popular with customers worldwide but it is the Panamera that is the big surprise.

On first impressions the car is not a looker – at least that’s what the reviewers at the time of launch thought – but it is clear from sales that customers don’t agree. In the USA it is a best seller and is sought after elsewhere around the world. Various styling tweaks have since made the car more appealing and the latest version should finally silence the critics.

As with other manufacturers in the prestige car sector, Porsche have been working with hybrid technology and it was first introduced into the Panamera in 2011. Now there is going to be a new version – the S E-Hybrid -which will be formally announced at the Shanghai Motor Show later in April. The original was good, this new one (pictured) should be even better.

The S E-Hybrid is the first plug-in Porsche. The plug is in the front grill and the lithium-ion battery can charge from a domestic point in about four hours, less from a fast charger. A full charge will give twenty two miles on electric power alone. The battery is topped up in use via a regenerative braking system.

The 4.8L V8 has gone and is replaced by a three litre V6 bi-turbo which on its own will produce around 320bhp. Add in a further 95 from the electric motor and the car will whisk the person with the requisite £90k (est) to 62 miles per hour in a sparkling 5.5 seconds and on to 168mph in fairly short order.

The most amazing aspect of this – remember this is a Porsche – is that the company are claiming 91mpg! Owners won’t get this in the real world of course but even a more modest figure of, say, about 70mpg is a bit of a triumph in a car like this. Even more impressive is the road tax and congestion charge busting 71g/km.

All the usual goodies are there including bi-Xenon lights, climate, parking sensors and so on plus the added security benefit of the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System approved to Thatcham’s category 5 level. Buyers will even get a complimentary driving experience at  Silverstone to learn more about their car. If the funds are available this has got to be the premier eco-drive available. All the joy of Porsche ownership with pleasure of knowing that the very best green credentials are on show.

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