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The Welsh Knight Rises

Night. Cats’ eyes flicker in the alleyways. The Bat-Tumbler rolls and growls through the mean and darkened streets. A menacing, matt-black, yet strangely familiar vehicle follows. Where are we? Is it Gotham City? Who is driving – could it be The Bat Man himself?!

No. Because this is downtown Carmarthen in West Wales and the driver is a local baker called Adam Williams. Trouble is, everyone in Wales is called Williams but you’ll know this one because he is driving a Batman inspired  Nissan Juke NISMO. Mr Williams won his one-off ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Juke in a Nissan competition and the car was delivered – accompanied by the Tumbler – beneath the historic walls of Carmarthen Castle much to the amazement of the locals who don’t get a lot of Super Hero action in their neck of the woods.

The special edition was created to celebrate Nissan’s partnership with Warner Brothers and the release of the most recent Batman movie. The Nismo can best be described as a ‘hot crossover’. It has a 1.6L turbo engine driving the front wheels with a unique body kit and tuned suspension. It’s quick and by all accounts engaging to drive, satisfying the needs of the family man who wants a decent driving experience.

Adam William’s new car is matt-black and – crucially – is loaded with groovy Dark Knight stuff. Aluminium Bat badges adorn the front grill and tailgate whilst the unique gloss black 18” alloys have bespoke red detailing. Open the door and you’re greeted by Bat logos on the kick plates and reflective Bat badges nestle on the headrests of the suede-trimmed NISMO sports seats.

Saving the best until last, the real kicker, which will make Adam the envy of the masculine world, is that there are down-lighters mounted under the door mirrors to project the Bat-signal on the ground around the doors. Wait! That isn’t the best bit! There’s an up-lighter inside that projects the Bat-signal onto the black headlining! Seriously, it just doesn’t get any better than that!NIS2 The Welsh Knight Rises

It is bound to have an effect on Baker Williams. Welsh miscreants will tremble at the sight of the Dark Avengers car, lightly covered by a dusting of flour, approaching at high speed through the gloom of criminality. It’s about time we had our own super hero. Fortunately, Adam is a good bloke and a genuine Bat-fan who is over the moon with his win. Let’s hope he enjoys his new car. The rest of us will have to make do with the regular model but it’s OK – the Juke Nismo is a good car and at around £20k, something of a bargain.

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Cars On Television

Great news! After a year’s break and no Christmas special, the premier car show – in the world – is returning to our small screens next Sunday for seven weeks. That’s right; TG is back and as usual the three refugees from Last Of the Summer Wine will again grace our TV’s with their usual larky high jinks and a choice selection of (mostly) desirable cars.

But is that enough? Are car and driving enthusiasts catered for on the box? The problem is that cars are still viewed by the chattering classes as evil incarnate. Somehow or other, the automobile has taken the brunt of the climate change guilt without a fair hearing. Certainly the car must take its share of blame but if any industry has pulled out all the stops to work towards a cleaner future more than car manufacturing, it would come as a big surprise.

There’s Fifth Gear of course but these days it seems hastily cobbled together, trying to pack an hour’s show into half that time. It is rushed, no matter how enthusiastic the presenters are. Also, it has been shunted off to the Discovery Channel robbing terrestrial viewers of even that delight.

Motor sport fans fare just as badly. The BBC believe that Formula One is the only game in town and all the UK channels, however received or broadcast, completely ignore motor rallies; even the World Championship. Motors TV tries hard and ITV4 covers the British Touring Car Championship very well, but that’s it.

Thanks in the main to JC, Top Gear has moved on from the stiff and starchy early days (Noel Edmonds! Angela Rippon!) to a more fluid format but has the emphasis shifted too far towards fun rather than car content? Every driving nut in the country would no doubt like to try a Pagani Huayra but very few of them would buy one even if they had the very many Euros required.

However, many would be interested in hearing about the new Fiesta ST or the latest Freelander. There’s a wealth of autos priced under £30k that would satisfy everyone’s needs whatever their fancy. The Crossover / SUV market is awash with desirable, well-priced vehicles, for example.

Nissan’s popular Juke (a third of a million of them built so far) has been breathed upon by Nissan Motorsport resulting in the Nismo, a 197bhp pocket rocket (see image) that will satisfy most drivers for a modest twenty thousand. Why, on British third world roads, would we need more?

We probably don’t want TG to change but we almost certainly would like a magazine programme that covers the sorts of cars we mostly buy. It doesn’t have to be stuffy provided the presenters are personable people who, crucially, actually know about cars and the needs of modern motorists. What do you think?

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