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The Dangers Of Two Wheels

More Britons are turning to two motorised wheels as it becomes more and more expensive to drive a car. Motor cycles are exciting to ride – the open road and all that – economical and, unfortunately, vulnerable. This increase of bikers on the road also increases the number of motorcycle accidents that happen every year, and because of the inherent design of motorcycles, this can obviously be very dangerous for the riders.

One big issue that many people come across is assigning fault in a motorcycle crash. Due to sometimes varying factors, the opinion of the responding officer or a court’s preconceived notions coupled with the conflicting views of each involved party – especially when one of them is a car driver – it can be very difficult to figure out who is at fault after a motorcycle accident.

The simple fact is that motorcycle accidents have been consistently rising with the increase in motorcycle sales over the past few decades added to the increased volume of cars on the road. These accidents further increase during the warmest months of the year. Sadly, motorcycles intrinsically do not have as much protection as typical motor vehicles and although some of the latest helmets and protective clothing have improved immensely in recent years it is usually the biker who comes off worse.

Unfortunately, when it comes to motorcycle accidents, it can sometimes be difficult to assign blame. This is especially true when the accident involves a driver in a car or truck. A big issue arises when deciding whether or not a biker had anything to do with their own accident. Many motorists state that an injured motorcyclist came out of nowhere or was going to fast. While these sometimes are not good excuses, they can go towards assigning some form of negligence to the rider, thus casting doubt.

Due to the inherent nature of motorbikes often being less noticeable, there is a chance that a court might well believe a driver who says that they had no way to avoid crashing with the biker. This could well be and sometimes is true, especially if the bike was going above the speed limit or committing some other form of misdemeanour.

Another confusing issue, especially when it comes to bikes, is whether or not parties or circumstances besides those involved in an accident could be held liable for the crash. Mechanical issues, for example, could account for it. These mechanical concerns are often overlooked due to the usually minor injuries that those in cars sustain. When it comes to bikers, however, even a minor mechanical glitch can lead to tragedy.

In addition, poorly maintained roads – a real issue in the UK – a lack of warning signs and many other road hazards could be accountable. Anyone involved in an accident between car and bike must absolutely make sure that they cover all the bases and get their facts straight. Photographic evidence can help. Both sides need to know their rights and get it right.

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A beginner’s Guide to Moto GP

Moto GP is the premiere class of international motorcycle racing, and the races take place all over the world at some very challenging and exciting racetracks. The very fastest riders and most technically advanced motorcycles do battle throughout the year, and at the end of it all a world champion rider and manufacturer champion are crowned.

The Moto GP season runs from March to November, with around twenty races taking place in the UK, throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, and America. The racing series even goes to Australia to a naturally beautiful racetrack called Philip Island. The racers and bikes must do battle at these enormously varied tracks, where bike set-up, tyre choice and engine mapping will all be entirely different from one race to the next. It’s the pinnacle challenge in bike racing and the main teams, from Yamaha and Honda, spend a considerable amount of money to try and make their bikes the unbeatable best.

They also spend dramatic amounts of money to salary the very best riders in the world. Wins in Moto GP can translate to sales of motorbikes in your dealerships, so every motorsport team boss must win races.
Like Formula One, Moto GP is a development race between the top scoring factories – generally Yamaha and Honda – but unlike F1, with aerodynamics only lightly affecting the bikes, it’s more about mechanical grip and engine set up. Without aero, an F1 car has nothing, whereas a Moto GP bike needs power, cornering and mechanical grip right from the start, and if the chassis is way off at the beginning of the season, it is hard to catch the teams who’ve had a well-rounded bike from the season’s start.

Each of the top teams has their chassis team, engine team, suspension team and set-up team, each with key areas on the bike to take care of. The tyre manufacturer responsible for the whole series’ rubber will also supply a representative to each of the top teams, to make sure that they all get the most out of their tyres. Tyres, like in any top level motorsport, are crucial in Moto GP, with the wrong rubber certainly costing races, and even championships.

Yamaha UK sells motorcycles off the back of Moto GP wins, so if the Yamaha Racing Team win at the weekend, the chances are that Yamaha motorcycles will sell to British consumers the following week. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday, as they say. Even at the very top flight with Moto GP, it’s all about the winning as the millions of pounds spent each year by the Moto GP teams are marketing budgets that wouldn’t exist without sales to customers.
Of course, you can’t buy a Moto GP motorbike from your local dealer, as they are hand built, entirely prototype and powerful enough to perplex any rider apart from the very, very best. With over 240bhp on tap, even the average Moto GP bike would be impossible for a production machine to catch, however, production machines with similar paint schemes to the race winning Moto GP bikes are regular best-sellers at the dealers.

The top two teams in Moto GP for the last couple of years have been Yamaha and Honda, and we expect much the same again throughout the 2013 season. Both teams have great bikes and top riders, so it should be a thrilling year of competitive motorcycle racing.

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