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The 2014 Model Year Jaguar XJ

In July 2009, the newly styled Jaguar XJ was unveiled and it has gone from strength to strength since. This is the car as limousine and it has now been updated once again. Enhanced luxury features in the rear cabin of the 2014 model year XJ, for example, add to the already luxurious status of Jaguar’s flagship saloon. The version featured has the V6 diesel in Premium Luxury trim and is, frankly, all the car you’ll ever need.

The model boasts a comprehensive range of engines: 2.0L turbocharged petrol, 3.0L V6 diesel and supercharged petrol and four 5.0L V8 petrol power plants – all of which enhance customer choice. All the engines in the 2014 XJ range – including the 2.0-litre i4 Ti 240 turbocharged – deliver their power through the smooth shifting eight-speed automatic transmission which offers a broad spread of ratios for a perfectly balanced combination of smooth-shifting, economy and driver control.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System, which monitors grip levels and driver input to provide maximum traction at all times, is available as an option on the XJ with 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine.

An even more spacious long-wheelbase version is available and a new Jaguar flagship sports saloon – the 550PS XJR – combines supercar performance and assertive looks with the XJ’s typically high levels of luxurious motoring. More on this version at a later date.

Inside, both front and rear passengers can enjoy the daylight through their own glass roof. The entertainment system has been enhanced with a Rear Seat Entertainment package featuring two hi-resolution touch-screens, and optional premium Meridian Reference Audio System (superb, incidentally) with Conversation Assist.XJin The 2014 Model Year Jaguar XJ

The 14MY XJ’s luxurious feel is underlined by the palette of materials used on the interior. This includes Bond grain, soft grain and semi-aniline leather, and a wide choice of veneers including Piano Black, Carbon Fibre, Gloss Burr Walnut and Satin Rosewood.

The diesel can whisk you comfortably to 62mph is a scant six seconds yet will return in excess of 40mpg under normal driving conditions, ably assisted by an unobtrusive stop/start system. For such a big, powerful car the emissions are a stingy 167g/km. That’s brilliant.

It isn’t just about the big picture though. It’s the little touches that please. An example is the digital dashboard dials. Both the odometer and the rev counter display the range in which the car is working. For example, if the car is doing forty miles per hour, the dial highlights the 30-50 range. This makes it so much easier to glean information at a glance.

Sadly perhaps, the car in the image costs £66,000. It is out of reach of most motorists yet is good value for money. One day, perhaps; one day.

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New Freelander – The Best Yet

At the time of writing it is early in the morning and very cold. It is so cold that there’s a brass monkey at the door trying to borrow some welding equipment. The problem with the UK is that the weather is so variable it is hard to know what sort of car to buy. For example, many drivers would love a sports car for that wind in your hair / open skies thrill; but is it worth it for three days a year? Probably not, in which case – on the basis that the weather is more likely to be against us – why not buy a Freelander instead?

As luck would have it there’s a new version. That’s it in the image. Clearly in keeping with the family look, it is a marked improvement on the previous model which, although good, is beginning to look a bit dated and hasn‘t been as well regarded or as capable as its bigger siblings off road. Land Rover are very confident about the abilities of this new car however. Recently tested in conditions much worse than we can expect in this country it came up trumps in all departments.

For starters, it looks good with styling cues found on the Range Rover and Evoque. The Freelander also gains the Evoque software for the terrain response and hill descent functions. Throttle response is governed by a choice of four surface settings – grass, gravel and snow are lumped together and there is also a choice of asphalt, mud and sand. This just about covers all eventualities. There is no diff-lock or low range ‘box but this is the baby of the family after all and with prices starting at around a very reasonable £26000 (2WD will be a bit cheaper), it’s to be expected that some technology found on the other cars will be missing. Most users won’t miss them.

Power now comes from a 2.2L diesel engine configured at 148bhp in the TD4 version and a more beefy 188bhp in the SD4 model. There are no petrol engines on offer but in this type of vehicle most buyers would undoubtedly choose the oil-burner in any case. As we’ve come to expect in these frugal days there will also be an economy version – the eD4 – which offers a thrifty 47mpg. This is more likely to be suited to customers who rarely venture into the rough. Real mud-pluggers need the sort of torque that only a diesel can really deliver.

As you’d expect the interior has also been refurbished to a high standard, pinching the Evoque’s colour touch screen in the process. This features all the usual infotainment gadgetry plus the very useful rear view reversing camera – a bonus in a big car. For users of caravans or trailers there‘s even a ‘hitch-assist’ gizmo which superimposes a graphic to show the exact position of the tow-ball.

In a market segment that includes the Volvo XC60 and similar offerings from Audi and BMW, the Freelander will have to show that it is the model to buy. It certainly competes on price and early road tests are saying that Land Rover are onto another winner.

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Just Like The Real Thing

Virtually anything is possible. Your avatar can travel to foreign lands and meet exotic people or do battle with sabre-toothed monsters. You can acquire enemies and a massive gun with which to shoot-em-up or you can be a passenger in WRC rally car as it hurtles down narrow forest tracks. The world is yours.

Now, especially if you are a fan of the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) stable of vehicles, you can experience your heart’s desire before you finally decide to buy it, thanks to some clever boffins down at the factory.

Virtual Experience, as it is called, first featured on the JLR stands at the Paris Motor Show this year. Basically, it is a digital showroom that utilises a 1:1 scale representation of any JLR model configured just how you’d like it. The screen show the results in glorious ultra high resolution 3D with no less than five million polygons, whatever they are. Once set up the potential buyer can ‘explore’ the vehicles using natural movements and gestures.

The science might be complicated but the application of it is not. All that’s needed is a big display screen and a computer that can be set up anywhere that’s suitable. It would seem to be a great addition to the showroom, for example, or spaces where it isn’t possible to feature a real car.

The company believe that it could, in one form or another, be rolled out to mobile devices in due course. The upshot of this would be that a client could design his ideal configuration at home and ‘present’ it to Virtual Experience.

This is very impressive. The chance to be able to see and move around the product of your imagination is very desirable indeed and may put paid to some otherwise questionable styling decisions by the customer. It is very unlikely that a dealer will have access to demonstrators across the range, so before even arranging a test drive it will be possible to ‘see’ your car. Just like the real thing, in fact.

This particular technology belongs to Jaguar Land Rover but how long do you think it will be before all the other manufacturers have something similar? It is certainly a remarkable sales aid and a great advantage to the customer. Sadly it is not yet possible to see how Tulisa would look sitting in the passenger seat. A serious oversight – JLR please note.

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