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Seeing the sunrise in style – by Stas

Idea for this adventure came only a few days after we attended the Goodwood Festival of Speed. So, suppose you could say, I was still under the influence of the festival.

A thought came to me: “How cool would it be to test the Q50, a car from Infiniti’s current model range that caught my attention at the festival, while exploring amazing natural scenery of southern England!”.

Then the idea developed further: “How about we combine that with a drive to see the sunrise”. After much deliberation, planning and ruling out several routes and destinations, we settled on a trip to North Downs on Saturday and a ‘drive to the sunrise’ on the Kent coast on Sunday. Deal Pier, on the East coast of Kent, was chosen to be our perfect sunrise greeting spot.

To be honest, the ‘drive to the sunrise’ part came to me after remembering Top Gear episode during which Jeremy Clarkson ‘raced God’ from sunset to sunrise in one night. J Remember that one?

However, our journey started on Friday evening with the long anticipated arrival of the car. It was delivered late in the evening, so I had plenty of time before for daydreaming. Around 7 pm we received a call that the car is outside the house. I peaked through the window and there it was – it’s hard to miss a sports car in Moonlight White with 19” alloys. Our Q50 was hybrid Q50S Tech Sports model with all-wheel-drive, V6 3.5L petrol engine and 360bhp under its bonnet.

It took me a good half an hour to get acquainted with car’s abilities, gizmos and gadgets. I consider myself an old school kind of a guy. So having a car, even if only for a weekend, with tablet-like user interface, customisable Driver Modes and a whole load of other extras is a novelty to me.

inside infiniti Seeing the sunrise in style   by Stas

Anyway, after a thorough tour of the car, assisted by a very helpful Infiniti specialist, we were ready for the weekend adventure.

The next day, after breakfast, we set off on the first part of our adventure. Driving through neighbourhoods and then out in to Surrey countryside I was astonished by the amazing views so close to London. Eventually, we turned off dual carriage way, right by the Rykas café. As it turned out, it was a biker event that day, so cars were in a minority. Not sure I have ever seen such variety of bikes in one place. Once we passed a car park full of bikes and a long line up of roaring two wheeled monsters, we headed up the Zig Zag Road. I could confidently say, this road is one of the most beautiful roads I have driven on so far. It was also quite a challenge with its sharp turns, steep gradient and some occasional car, bike or bicycle appearing from around the corner.

Short drive later, we reached the Box Hill tourist information centre at the top. We ditched the car. I know, cruel, but from here it could only work on foot. Equipped with trail maps from the information stand, we went to enjoy the Stepping Stones Walk.

However, before we embarked on our hill climbing voyage we took a moment to admire the views from the top of the hill. This was the second time that day I was left speechless. Views from the Box Hill were truly astonishing, wherever you look. And they stretched for miles.

box hill Seeing the sunrise in style   by Stas

Tired and exhausted from the walk, we returned to our ride. It was late afternoon and we had to get a move on to get some food and rest before our 2am start the next morning. Our schedule for the weekend might sound insane, but trust me, it was worth it.

The plan was to get at least 4 hours of sleep before hitting the road to Deal, which normally would be tricky for me as I have ‘bird sleep’ when it comes to important occasions or exciting events. Nerves kick in! So I was happy to fall asleep quickly and get almost full 4 hours of sleep.

Alarm woke us up precisely at 2 am. We brewed our favourite morning drinks (coffee and tea) and made a move on. It felt a bit weird to leave the house when some people were yet to fall asleep. You could see lights still on in neighbour’s windows. But air was fresh, anticipation of the exciting journey ahead high and sunrise slowly approaching UK shores.

When we approached, Q50 greeted us with a cheeky wink with its front head lights. Quickly setting the car up for the drive ahead we hit the road.

infiniti2 Seeing the sunrise in style   by Stas

Driving slowly through sleepy neighbourhoods gave us time to enjoy and appreciate peace and silence in otherwise one of the world’s busiest cities.

interior Seeing the sunrise in style   by Stas

We eventually reached motorway and were able to put ‘the foot down’. At this point we already could see sky getting lighter further east. A new day was up on us.

We were soon in Dover, only a few miles away from our destination. It seemed Dover never sleeps, a bit like New York. Cars and trucks were arriving and leaving. We could hear some port announcements being made.

The official time of a sunrise in Deal that morning was 4:48 am, so we had little time spare to stop on the way. We cracked on. Turning off the motorway and on to country roads was a nice change of scenery.

It was getting somewhat hypnotic watching motorway road markings run past for miles in the dark. The sky was getting lighter by a minute but we were almost there.

sky Seeing the sunrise in style   by Stas

Driving on A258 through sleepy coastal villages perked me up. You had to stay alert on narrow country lanes. Few more turns and…we crossed Deal town boarder line.

We made it with about 15 minutes to spare. We parked up on The Strand and headed for the beach.

infiniti Seeing the sunrise in style   by Stas

A mix of excitement and a sense of accomplishment hit us. We did it! We laid on pebbles and watched sun slowly peek from the horizon.

If you want to see other photos from our sunrise adventure, join me on Instagram https://instagram.com/sta5

Let me know what car and adventure you would like me to blog about next and I will see what can be organised.

All photos taken by Seren

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A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti – by Stas

Just to warn you, this was my first ever experience at Goodwood Festival of Speed so there will be a lot of excitement and emotions in this blog post. Reader discretion is advised J

Since the day our attendance to Goodwood was confirmed, I was like a kid before Christmas. Walking around, with my head in the clouds, imagining what it is going to be like. Will tell you honestly, it exceeded all expectations.

When we arrived on site and passed ticket gates I was all over the place. My other half, yes she took part in this too, had to literally drag me between the stands. Bentley, McLaren, sports cars, classic cars… you name it. However, the most memorable moment during the first half an hour at the festival was when we were crossing the foot bridge over the Hill Climb straight. As we were climbing to the top of the bridge I heard a ‘roar’ approaching. It was coming from the left and getting louder by the second. Then it blasted beneath us. It reminded me scenes from Jurassic World, which we went to watch a few days ago.

However, there was little time to try and chase that ‘roar’ to discover what it was. We were in a bit of a rush. Once we made it to the stand, which was tucked away in one of the Goodwood House courtyards, first thing that caught my attention was Infiniti Q60 Concept.

car1 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas


It was mesmerizing. Its shapes, angles and those headlamps… They reminded me of bats or maybe panther’s eyes.

car2 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

Before I got too carried away, guys from Infiniti told they have a surprise for us, a helicopter ride to see the festival grounds from a bird’s eye view.

car3 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

The flight was unbelievable, the views stunning. It took my breath away.

car4 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

When we landed, we headed straight to the Goodwood House for a tour and some Pimm’s on the balcony. On the way, we got ‘stuck’ in a crowd admiring huge line up of cars, preparing to enter the Hill Climb. Not really stuck though, the line-up was simply awesome – it would have been almost a sin to just walk past it.

car5 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

Completely unexpectedly, we heard a loud bang overhead. It was the Red Arrows. They flew over in a formation with blue, red and white smoke shooting out of their tails. Few others and myself were somewhat gutted jets appeared out of nowhere. None of us had our cameras ready.

Not to worry though, Red Arrows were to return shortly and we were ready this time.

car6 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

After a quick tour of the house we headed straight for the balcony to enjoy what is arguably the best view on the Hill Climb action.

car7 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

The view from here also gave me a full appreciation of the scale of the festival and, most importantly, a better understanding of how significant this festival is. Goodwood Festival of Speed has something to offer to every type of petrol head.

Filled with Pimm’s and positive emotions, it was time for lunch. Needless to say, the dining area was located perfectly to catch the tyre squealing action of the Hill Climb, up close.

car8 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

After lunch came another surprise. We would get an exclusive access to see the inside of Q60 Concept and QX30 Concept,

car9 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

and meet Simon Cox – the design director behind Infiniti’s all new Q30 model, due to be revealed later this year at Frankfurt Motor Show.

car10 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

The interior of Q60 and QX30 is as gorgeous as façade. Everyone, from driver to passengers and onlookers, is thought of and looked after.

car11 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

The new Infiniti range is to be “rare and desired”. To turn your head and make you want one. And it is not about style and looks, alone.

car12 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

Three words kept coming up in our conversation with Simon Cox: “Performance, craftsmanship and tailoring”. These represent Infiniti inside out. Mirrors, seats, central console, air vents, engine. Everything is created with performance, craftsmanship and tailoring in mind.

car13 A Day at Goodwood with Infiniti   by Stas

Consistency in attention to detail is seen across all Infiniti models. For example, such mundane aspect of a car as door handles. On QX30 there are none, in a conventional sense of the word. Instead, the car has touch/gesture sensitive panels fulfilling the role.

Tour on the insides of soon to be launched Infiniti models concluded our day with them, but it was only 3pm. What shall we do? Go enjoy the rest of the festival, of course. However, that deserves a separate blog post in itself. For now, this is it on my first visit to Goodwood Festival of Speed.

If you fancy seeing more photos from the festival or dropping me a comment, join me on https://instagram.com/sta5

To find out more aboout these amazing concept cars, head over to Infiniti.

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Infiniti continues to lead the way in sustainable motoring for the luxury segment

As alternative power sources for vehicles are brought to the fore, manufacturers are making more of a focus on renewable energy. The luxury Infiniti brand is no exception – they’re one of the first to combine high-performance cars with revolutionary technology.

Infiniti was the first new car brand to start manufacturing in the UK for 23 years, and currently operates a plant in Sunderland. They introduced Intelligent Cruise Control in 2001 and an innovative Back-Up Collision Intervention System last year.

The most dramatic and stunning example of this new approach is the Infiniti Q50. Available as either a 3.7-litre V6 diesel or a hybrid, the car was unveiled at the recent International Auto Show in Detroit. It will become the first new-generation Q model to enjoy a European release. Infiniti’s Direct Response Hybrid System is one of the numerous highlights of the vehicle, which is built to heightened standards of design and technology.

Another exciting development from Infiniti is the Emerg-e concept, an all-electric model with sweeping lines. It’s constructed from lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium, maintaining the fluidity and scalloped doors you’d anticipate from a sports car. Solely on electrical power, it delivers 402bhp-equivalent and soars from 0-60 in around four seconds.

Motorists seeking a high-performance car with a conscience can select a brand new Infiniti from franchised dealers now. Mana Premiere is part of the UK dealership network, located in Leeds, Glasgow, Stockport and Birmingham.

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Infiniti JX -Will it compete with other luxury SUVs?

The new Infiniti JX is due for release in 2013, but what shall we expect with the latest model? The JX is an all-wheel drive luxury SUV that is entering a fierce market already dominated by well-established franchises, will this be able to compete and make its mark or will it fall short of the competition.

First of the all the JX is part of the Infiniti brand, a brand that isn’t a popular choice amongst many but has always excelled in luxury vehicles across the franchise. The JX continues with these standards, the body features a low frame with a supersized front grill and curvatures running along the side profile of the car. The car looks fantastic and rivals the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Audi Q3 and Porsche Cayman in looks and style.

Two models are available with a standard and an all-wheel drive model, the latter providing better steering. The 3.5 litre V6 engine delivers 265 horsepower, compared to the A3 which delivers 335hp, the Range Rover 300hp and the Porsche Cayman with 355bhp the JX is considerably lacking and doesn’t seem to contend. This does comes from a car that specialises in comfort and interior luxury so speed and power isn’t key.

The Infiniti interior is what sells the car with the plush interior accompanied with high quality integrated wood in the dashboard along with leather seats that remain comfortable after long distance journeys. Technology packs this SUV with a 360-degree exterior camera and Infiniti’s unique back up technology preventing the car from hitting nearby objects halting the car to an immediate stop. Infiniti are renowned for luxury cars and this meets there high expectations and the safety features make sure you and your car stay safe at all times.

If you’re looking for a luxury SUV that not only delivers in high quality interior and an attractive exterior body packed with technology and safety features then this may be suited for you. The gadgets and style compete with the very best in the luxury SUV category. The only downside to this model is that it seems to lack on the performance side compared to its competitors but with 7 seats, this makes it the ideal candidate for a family car. Find out more about the Infiniti car range at your local Infiniti dealer.

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Infiniti Comes To Sunderland

If anyone fancies a job in the car industry it looks like it would be a good idea to move to Sunderland. Car giant Nissan, already well established in the city and providing some 6000 jobs, have announced they are to build yet another car there – this time it’s a global luxury model under the Infiniti brand. To accommodate this a further 280 jobs are to be created at this successful plant. As a result an additional 700 or so are expected to be added to ancillary sites around the UK.

The problem is that this £250 million expansion has highlighted the lack of capacity in Sunderland which means that, as things stand right now, a planned ‘C-Sector’ hatchback that was due to be made at the plant will now be built elsewhere. The Infiniti model is expected in 2015.

In a country sadly losing its manufacturing heritage this good-news story shows that we can still do it if we try when given the opportunity. Nissan has only be active in the Britain – in manufacturing terms –  since 1986. Now Sunderland is not only the largest car plant in the country, it is also the most productive in Europe. That’s a great achievement. Obviously the Japanese work ethic has rubbed off.

This involves three philosophies. Kaisen means ‘continuous improvement’ in Japanese. Kaisen teams are used throughout the factory and address any aspect of any job to ensure it is in the best interest of the worker in terms of efficiency. It works and also helps to eliminate H&S issues and injuries.

‘Just in Time’ encourages the minimum use of resources required to achieve maximum value and a job rotation scheme ensures that all workers can do three different jobs within the factory. This helps to eradicate boredom amongst the staff and ensures cover for sickness and the like. The Coalition’s Business Secretary is taking a strong interest  as well he might. Maybe he could carry over some of these philosophies into government!

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Vettel to the Metal – Infiniti FX50

Historically, it has always been a bad idea for celebrities to become involved in things outside of their field of activity. Perfumes that smell about as alluring as a sultan’s week old pyjamas or anything done by the Kardashians spring to mind. Or so we all thought. Recently Victoria Beckham has turned her hand – and, no doubt, other parts of her anatomy – to fixing up the interior of the Range Rover Evoque and she has done it with considerable aplomb. Now it is the turn of World Formula 1 Champion, Sebastian Vettel, who has been taking a spanner to the Infiniti FX50.

Now, just in case you have been on another planet, it’s worth mentioning that Infiniti is the name of the posh end of the Nissan factory. The FX is a powerful and fearsome looking, very expensive 4×4 crossover. Although Infiniti aren’t involved directly in F1 they are a sponsor to the Red Bull team and thus have access to the flying German and their engineering expertise.

This model is based on the current standard FX, already something of a performance cruiser with a V8 engine and nearly 400bhp on tap. The Vettel version increases that to 414bhp, has stiffer springs and uprated suspension as you’d imagine, but surprisingly, 30% less down force which should help to make the drive more a bit more lively! The car now sports an aggressive front carbon fibre spoiler that is modelled on the front wing of a Formula 1 racer. The standard vehicle is further augmented with a rear wing which looks to be more than just a cosmetic enhancement.

Infiniti have also managed to incorporate more carbon fibre – the real thing, not some chintzy appliqué – coupled with a racy interior with the usual Alcantara touches and black suede upholstery. To ensure the world knows your FX50 has had the Vettel treatment it will have appropriate badging complete with Seb’s signature on the centre consul.

First announced last September in concept form, Infiniti has confirmed at the recent Geneva Motor Show that the special FX50 will go into production and orders are already being taken for delivery next year. If you fancy owning one, well, don’t hold your breath. It will only be produced in a limited edition of 200 and all of them are destined for sale in Europe and the Middle East. Hmm. Didn’t want one anyway.

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