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A Practical Choice

There are some very strong contenders in both the SUV and ‘crossover’ sectors and the Honda CR-V (pictured) needs to come up with the goods. Amazingly, it has been around since 1995 and has apparently has sold around five million units in that time. More of a soft-roader than a hardcore mud-plugger, it is absolutely biased toward on-road use so the much lighter two-wheel-drive models make more sense. The featured car is just that, equipped with a frugal 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine.

1mb2 A Practical ChoiceAlthough it’s a handsome enough car Honda haven’t done much to break new ground in design, taking as they have the tried and tested route. No manufacturer really seems to want to take any risks with this sector and all their SUV’s are starting to look similar.

As time went on though Motor Blogger quite warmed to the CR-V. The 1.6 diesel lacks punch but is extremely frugal (officially 62.8mpg). That seems to be the point of this car. Efficiency and practicality are the watch-words here and in that Honda have succeeded. Despite reservations about the conservative styling, the company has done a lot of work on the CR-V’s aerodynamics to further boost efficiency.

There’s a stop/start system to help keep CO² emissions down. To make sure drivers don’t forget this car’s green credentials the dashboard features a large ‘ECON’ button. When pressed, it adjusts the engine mapping for a yet more efficient drive. It also changes the sensitivity of the air conditioning so it doesn’t have to work as hard. The CR-V even goes so far as to confirm economic driving via a logo on the dash, which becomes greener the greener you’re driving.

Performance would be enhanced by selecting either of the larger petrol or diesel engine options but this really is not why most folk would buy this car. This big five-seater is ideal as a family choice.  There’s tons of head and leg room all round with plenty of cubby space. The split rear-seat fold-down system is extremely easy to use. With one pull, the seat-back folds down with the headrest stored away very nicely to leave a flat load area making an already huge boot even more capacious. It’s like Kent’s Cavern in there and beats most of the opposition. A sign of good design. There’s a stout rubber boot liner over the carpet which is easily removed for cleaning. The interior light cluster above the front passengers has a handy drop-down box to stow your shades but push it back partially and a small convex mirror is revealed which gives a perfect view of the kids in the back seat. A thoughtful touch.4mb A Practical Choice

No driving horrors but not much driving fun either, but this is not the purpose of the car. The ride is built for comfort not speed and the leather/Alcantara seats have plenty of adjustment, including lumbar. There’s a five-star NCAP rating. Connectivity is as usual but the absence of sat-nav in this day and age on what is a £28k car in this spec is a surprise.

For people in the market for a reliable, all purpose, practical family car it is certainly worthy of consideration. Personally, we would look at the less expensive end of the range.

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Civilised Civic

At Motor Blogger we get to drive some great cars and that means when the chance to drive what you might think of as an everyday motor comes along there’s sometimes a sense of being a bit disinterested. So it is great to report that, despite misgivings, the 2014 Honda Civic is in fact a cracking car.

It has been refreshed – apparently after customer feedback was considered – and the original rather angular design has had the edges softened off a bit. Mostly though the changes are under the skin; specifically to the Civic’s steering and suspension. The result, thanks to lower spring rates and more sophisticated damping, means the hatchback has sharper handling and more stability at speed – and it works. The Civic is a very good drive.MB1 Civilised Civic

The model featured in our snaps has the Honda 1.6L turbo-diesel motor with 120PS and torque of 300Nm (221lb/ft). CO² emissions of just 94g/km make the combination very desirable with a mix of frugality and decent performance. It’s by no means a fast car but progress is sufficiently sprightly to make driving a pleasure.

There’s also the option of a large ECON button when economy is the watchword. When pressed it optimizes the vehicle’s operation to maximize fuel efficiency. It also provides a driver feedback system to encourage more efficient driving.

Inside the design follows the company’s theme but now also now has improved comfort. The seats are very supportive and easily adjusted to find that ideal position. There’s new seat stitching, piano-black highlights on the dashboard and steering wheel plus a thoughtful driver’s kneepad on the central console. Passenger space is perhaps a tad snug but the boot is large.

MB21 Civilised CivicThe layout of the centre console is straightforward and there was no problems working the navigation, heating and ‘infotainment’. The car is offered with climate, cruise etc and there’s a host of safety equipment some of which are standard like ABS and so on, whilst there’s also an optional safety pack that includes seven different safety features activated via cameras and radars. This adds nearly £800 to the price but would be money well spent. N fact, the Honda Civic I-DTEC in SR trim like this one costs £24,860 including the rather fetching pearlescent paint.

The new Civic then is a true contender in the family hatchback market. Now in its ninth incarnation it is refined, well packaged and well built. It meets all the standards expected these days and is very worthy of your consideration.

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The Dancing Man – DCT


Honda launched their first Dual Clutch Transmission motorcycle (the VFR12ooF) back in May of 2010, since then it’s popularity has grown with over 12,500 customers purchasing the technology in Europe alone.

In 2012 4 more models were released (the Integra*, NC700X, NC700S and Crosstourer) and in 2013 an additional 2 model (CTX700 and CTX700N) were added again.

So to show how much better 2 is compared to 1, Honda have released ‘The Dancing Man’ campaign to demonstration how much fun 2 can work together and how well they can perform.

The video is catchy so don’t worry if you watch it more then once, with some great gallery images and more info video’s connected to the ad, make sure you click through to find out more on this great technology and the models you can get it on.

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New Honda NSX – Buy Off Plan!

Over time people have come to learn that it isn’t always a good idea to buy off plan. How many stories have there been about would-be villa owners being suckered into dubious schemes? Not that Honda would be so devious obviously, when it comes to cars; but is it ever a good idea to buy anything sight unseen – apart from some images and a motor show concept? Wouldn’t you want to at least drive the thing first?

That is however what is happening. If you are in the market for a highly desirable sports car then Honda would like to meet with you. At the meeting you can get your order down for a modest five thousand pound deposit. The snag is that nobody seems to know just how much this car will ultimately cost; apart from a lot.

The new NSX is scheduled to come to the UK in 2015. This is the new generation of the famous name first seen in 1990. That original car was designed with the help of one Mr A Senna. That’s the name that Honda have to live up to with this new model. The concept seen at the Detroit show confirmed that the NSX will be powered by a mid-mounted 3.5L V6 petrol engine coupled with two electric motors. The petrol engine drives the rear wheels and the two 27hp motors will drive the front. Thus the NSX becomes a 4×4 described by Honda as a ‘Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive’.

At the time of writing at least twenty buyers have placed their trust and their cash in the hands of Honda. There can be no doubting that the car will be very good – the Japanese company’s reputation hangs on it – but with all the other desirable supercars around that can be looked at, groped and driven, it just seems like a strange thing for moneyed customers to do. Still, their choice.

There are Astons and Ferraris and Lamborghinis and McLarens available now. Sure, they are not hybrids and maybe this is what Honda are banking on. That eco-step forward that will make a supercar acceptable to the Green World Order. It certainly looks the business so let’s hope that Honda have a success on their hands.

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Geneva Choice

As well as the desirable examples entering the automotive market that we have already featured on Motor Blogger, there are also plenty of other new cars worthy of our attention at this year‘s Geneva show. The selection is diverse and has plenty to offer all price points and sectors.

For example, we have already heard a lot about the budget brand Dacia and the decent value for money cars they offer. Joining the ranks in the UK market now is the Logan. Essentially, this is an estate car version of the Sandero which will be priced from about £7000, which is excellent value for a family sized car that is a similar size to the Volvo V70.

The Logan is offered with the same range of engines as its hatchback siblings, including a 1.5L diesel which busts the 100g/km CO² barrier. For the cost-conscious driver who needs some decent carrying capacity (better than a Focus estate) this car seems like a great choice.

On the Honda stand there is more about their Earth Dreams Technology. No, it’s not some sort of return to a mystical pagan past but rather just a name for their equivalent of BMW’s ‘EfficientDynamics’ or Volkswagen’s ‘Bluemotion’ eco-strategies. It’s centred around Honda’s 1.6L I-DTEC diesel engine, first seen in the new Civic. This time it is in the company’s British built CR-V which will deliver a balance between efficient performance and functionality. It looks good too.

Suzuki are a car maker who perhaps don’t really get the credit they deserve. They have been plugging away on the British forecourts for years without actually setting the market on fire. They have made some good cars and their current Swift is a popular choice in the press. Maybe with the new SX4 Crossover (pictured) they will get a bit more attention from the buying public.

This new model is bigger than its predecessor and has moved into the popular C sector by increasing in size. It combines compact car know-how with the Suzuki technology honed for SUVs. To be built in Hungary the SX4 will be on sale from the Autumn.

Finally, Chevrolet are showing a selection that includes the Spark EV and a new upscale Captiva. Sales of the Trax will start this Spring but for petrol- heads the biggest news is of the new Corvette Stingray. This is powered by a 6.2L V8 which shoves out a muscle-bound 450bhp. Totally impractical for Britain’s third world roads of course but we want one anyway. In black, please.

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Honda City- The Sedan for the Next Generation

Every time I see a Honda City I drool. It is indeed the best sedan in its class and will give the other sedan a run for their money. It was first launched in the Indian market in 1998 and the newest version was launched in 2012. There has been no turning back since then. Honda has ensured that their designs fully satisfy their customers. They have built environment friendly and Cost effective cars.

The new Honda City comes with an electric sunroof which allows you to enjoy fresh air and sunlight. The exterior has been changed completely giving it a much more classy and elegant look. The radiator style grille with beautiful chrome finish makes the Honda city look classy. It has a ground clearance of 165mm and alloy wheels. It also has a new design of rear tail lamp and the most attractive bit is the rear view mirrors with indicators which are quite a catch. Truly a brilliant add on to the New Honda city. The exterior has a very aerodynamic look to it. For more information, picture and comparisons one can visit www.gaadi.com.

The Honda city has a 1.5 liters i-VTECH engine for top performance and is environment friendly. It has a 5 speed manual transmission; however an automatic transmission option is also available in its More than 50% of drugs bought online from trustedrxreviews.com s that conceal their physical address are counterfeit, so don’t buy CIALIS from Web trustedrxreviews.com s that don’t provide a physical location. high end versions. The Honda city is a 1497 cc and hits 0-100 in 10 seconds with a maximum speed of 170kmph. In the manual transmission version the Honda can give a mileage of 16.8 kmpl and 15.6 kmpl in the automatic transmission version.

The Honda city has Electronic Brake Force Distribution with Anti – Lock Brake System. It has disc brakes in the front wheel and drum brakes in the rear. This ensures safety while braking. In terms of safety, Honda has the G-force control technology body which provides protection to the passengers during collision. Honda has also kept in mind the safety of the pedestrian in case of impact. Along with these it also has other safety features like the active headrest, dual front SRS air bags, Brake assist, ABS, EDB, rear windshield defogger and pre-tensioner seat belts.

The New Honda City interiors are very stylish and sophisticated. Excellent upholstery, adjustable steering wheel, enough room for leg space, cruise control, comfortable seating for 5, chrome door handles, air conditioner and heater strong enough for all passengers comfort, power door mirrors, power window, arm rests for the seats, a stylish dual dash board with storage space cup holders and a lot more.

The Honda city comes in several variants which are:
1.    Corporate
2.    E
3.    S
4.    S AT
5.    V MT
6.    V MT CNG
7.    V AT
8.    V AVN MT
9.    V AVN AT
10.    V Exclusive MT
11.    V Exclusive AT

The cost of the Honda City ranges from Rs 720000 to Rs 886000 (£8,440 – £10,390) and come in some great colors like the Urban Titanium Metallic, Bold Beige Metallic, Carnelian Red Pearl, Taffeta white etc.

The Honda City is the classiest in its category of sedan versions; making it a very good car to buy anytime of the year.

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Thirteen For 13

Are you superstitious? Would you be entirely happy with the number 13 on your car? Well, unless you can find a way around it – as suggested by Motor Blogger last year – you are just going to have to lump it. Our unwavering government have no intention of ditching this year’s series just to please the likes of you.

Never mind. At least there is going to be a fantastic selection of new cars that you could attach to the back of your new number plate. Honda, for example, are planning a new SUV in line with current trends that will be pitched into the gap between the Civic and the CRV. An interesting point is that it may feature Honda’s next-generation hybrid technology.

If you’re feeling flush with cash you could push the boat out and treat yourself to Jaguar’s forthcoming F Type. This may well be the most anticipated car of the year; full of lovely supercharged goodness. Too tame for your wallet? Fair enough. How about the long-awaited replacement for the Enzo, the F70. Or will it be the F150? We’ll see what Ferrari decide although Ford America won’t be too happy as that’s the designation for their new pick-up!

Back in the real world Fiat are offering the 500L. We’ve mentioned this before. Basically it’s a 500 on steroids. Presumably this is designed to rival the giant Mini and word has it that this could be one of the year’s best sellers. As indeed could the 500 Coupé , a cheeky 2+2 version of the perennial favourite. Meanwhile over the border in France, Citroen’s successful DS3 is taking it’s top off, or at least rolling it up – a feature that really suits this star car.

For hot hatch fans Ford will be selling the long awaited Fiesta ST, sporting at least 180bhp. If a suitable family car is more to your requirements then there’s a new package with the latest Kia Carens SUV (pictured) – the words on the grapevine are ‘surprise’ and ‘delight’. Not content to settle for one new car, the same company will present their first hot hatch in the UK. The Cee’d GT. Boasting a muscular 200bhp it looks like a rival for the ST.

Winner of this year’s daft name award is the mighty Maserati Kubang. Effectively a Ferrari powered Jeep in an Italian designer frock it’s a new departure for a company that is slowly resurrecting its image. The trouble is – is it a car too far for a company noted for beautiful design? The official Kubang website is showing a wonderful old and evocative short film called ‘A story that will overcome time’. Worth a look.

Mazda’s 6 is a good and popular choice, especially if you are not badge conscious but now they’ve produced a coupé version that’s a real looker. Let’s hope it gives a boost to this underrated manufacturer. If you do like a badge then Mercedes are refreshing the E-Class. Not earth-shattering in itself but the company are saying it will be packed with cutting edge technology under the banner ‘intelligent drive’.

In fact, there will be something like sixty new or updated cars being sold or announced in the coming year, but in this brief article there is only one car that can finish of the list. Will we finally be able to get our hands on the Alfa Romeo 4C? Live in hope.

So there you have it – thirteen cars for 2013. So don’t worry your heads about the reputation of the number 13. You know what they say – lucky for some!

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Small, Clean, Green And Capable

In a time, long ago, 4×4’s were a breed apart. They were usually massive with thirsty growling engines that breathed out noxious fumes like enormous dragons with halitosis and an attitude problem. They were loathed by people of the green persuasion and were only acceptable if the driver was a farmer, a vet or a Chelsea mummy. Well, not any more.

With the technical improvements in diesel (especially the common rail direct fuel injection systems) and petrol engines, the motors in these all-purpose vehicles are much cleaner than before and considerably more economical too. What’s more, some models are much more compact and targeted very much at the family market rather than for, say, agricultural use. The manufacturers haven’t been slow in bringing to market some compact 4×4’s which, they claim, significantly reduce emissions and achieve in excess of 40mpg. Not bad for cars that should be able to handle general off-road conditions well. They’re not really full blown mud-pluggers but how many of us really needs that?

Take the Fiat Panda 4×4. The previous model was capable but a bit of an ugly duckling; the new one introduced in 2012 is not only very capable on and off road but is also good looking and a decent drive. It’s the only 4×4 city car, effectively, so if you’re an urban dweller who feels the call of the wild from time to time then this is the car for you, especially with emissions of just 125g/km.

No consideration of any type of car, large or small, can be complete without a BMW in the list and it should therefore come as no surprise that this German company has something that fit’s the small off-roader bill in the guise of the X3. The latest model is a great improvement on the old one (even BMW can get it wrong sometimes); it drives well on the tarmac and is quite capable of tackling more difficult terrain. It only comes with diesel options but a claimed 50mpg is a pleasant surprise and, coupled with CO² emissions of just 149g/km, makes this all-rounder a quality and stylish choice.

For something a little different how about a Hyundai? They used to make a leviathan called the Tucson but that has now be superseded by the much more acceptable ix35 (pictured). This car is a massive stride forward for Hyundai – its build quality and design make it a truly premium product. Buy it in the gutsy 2.0L diesel 4×4 version and you’ll be delighted with the low CO² and decent fuel economy.

There’s plenty of choice in this small 4×4 sector with cars like the popular Ford Kuga and Nissan’s excellent Qashqai competing with models from VW, Toyota and Honda. Although the gas-guzzling behemoths of old are frowned upon these days you can still have useful off-road ability that won’t shame you on the streets.

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How Sportscar And Endurance Racing Could Take F1’s Crown

Sportscar and endurance racing has always been a brilliant breeding ground for road car technology. The cauldron of battle that is round the clock racing breeds performance with the necessity of reliability.

Disc brakes, double-clutch gearboxes, variable turbine turbo geometry, carbon-fibre brake discs and direct injection petrol engines are but a few inventions pioneered through endurance racing.

As manufacturers look to tighten their belts and the outlay for a full calendar of racing in the F1 circus carries on rising unabated, sportscar racing for many looks appealing.

With a direct link from racecar to road car there’s real benefit for the manufacturer, too. And then there’s the fans, the all important fans.

Without fans there’d be no motorsport, so with ticket prices for a Grand Prix almost prohibitively expensive and a full week’s ticket for five days worth of action, including a full 24 hours at the twice-round-the-clock French classic in Le Mans, sportscars really could steal F1’s crown.

It could rival it for on track action too. With BMW, Lamborghini, Corvette, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Audi, Peugeot, Ford and other bespoke racecar manufacturers like Oreca and Zytek confirmed for the new 2012 World Endurance Championship – set up after the settling of a feud between the ACO (the organisers of the Le Mans 24 hours) and the FIA – sonorous sounding automotive exotica lapping within tenths of a second of each other would surely draw crowds. And at a fraction of the cost.

It’s close racing that makes good viewing, not one team with the most money – thanks to backing by a certain Austrian energy drink – waltzing of into the distance unchallenged. With sportscar racing you get that.

After 24 hours of racing at the 2011 24 hours of Le Mans, less than 13 seconds separated the eventual winner and the second place car – now that’s close racing.

Formula 1 is definitely the pinnacle of on-track motorsport – no question. But big-cube V8 Corvettes rumbling by, shaking your chest cavity making it difficult to breathe, and wailing Aston Martin V12s screaming past blurring your vision they’re engine notes are that piercing, proves there is more than one way to skin the proverbial.

The new World Endurance Championship will hopefully bring with it more fans, meaning more money, meaning more manufacturers, creating a self-perpetuating cycle.


With all that high-powered metal on show, we can’t wait to see how the inaugural season pans out.

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