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Ford – The Market Leaders

Motorists today have never had it so good and there is a wealth of choice available to buyers of new cars and a thriving market for quality used cars. Competition is fierce and one company that consistently delivers the right car at the right time is Ford. Every since the day in 1903 when three Model A Fords were shipped to our shores from the USA, the name of Ford has been synonymous with the motor industry in Britain.
In recent years Ford have produced successive generations of cars that have maintained their popularity. This is because they have evolved over time to met the requirements of climate change legislation and high fuel costs, amongst other things. Notable in the company’s range has been the addition of EcoBoost engine technology.
EcoBoost encompasses a range of turbo-charged direct injection engines that produce the power and torque expected from engines with much bigger displacement yet still achieving far superior fuel economy and greatly reduced greenhouse gases. The star amongst these has got to be the one litre, three cylinder version that is beginning to appear across the vehicle range.
It is available in the evergreen Ford Focus. If ever a car online casino exemplified automotive success it’s this one. The first version released in 1998 was a revelation to drive and subsequent models have continued to improve the model. It remains a popular choice in the used car market where its reputation for reliability is a major selling point.
It is notable in recent years that customers are looking for frugal, smaller cars, these days referred to as superminis. This is a burgeoning market as drivers downsize, and the car that constantly appears at the top of the best seller list is the Ford Fiesta.
Now in its sixth generation the Fiesta is small, affordable, well equipped and cheap to run. Best of all it is great to drive – an attribute Ford seem to have been able to channel across the whole vehicle range. It makes for a great used car buy. With the 1L EcoBoost engine it produces a road tax busting 99g/km and will deliver over 60 miles per gallon.
The range of vehicles offered by Ford covers every need. From spacious family people carriers, SUVs and luxury saloons coupled with the above best sellers and the nimble Ka, they’ve pretty much got the market covered. There is a comprehensive range of dealers just a click away. Derbyshire buyers might like to try Matlock Ford for Ford used cars, for example. Car makers come from all corners of the world but it is the Ford name that is trusted by UK buyers.

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In Praise of Small Cars

As you probably know, it all started back in 1959 when the original Mini first burst onto the motoring scene. What a revelation it apparently was. Here was a car that could carry four, park on a sixpence (old coin – don’t worry about it) and be repaired using only Meccano and the interior parts of an old sofa.

It set the tone for the future of motoring and the more time has progressed the more compact cars have become. It’s interesting that, despite the many improvements in automotive technology, nobody has really bettered that old original car for sheer smallness. Some have tried and generally failed. The present iteration of the Mini is vast compared to that tiny predecessor, but in the main, manufacturers fit a great deal into small packages.

The Ford Fiesta is a case in point. It’s bigger than it used to be but contains vastly more technology than the original version. It is also more frugal and actually looks far more expensive than it actually is.

Meanwhile, over at Citroen, the DS3 is gaining popularity faster than Nicole Scherzinger when all the boys thought she’d left that Hamilton chap. This diminutive car has somehow developed a personality that appeals across the board. It can be configured in many ways and thus becomes all things to all buyers.

There are city cars that rival the Mini of old but because of the bewildering array on offer don’t somehow seem to have that same appeal. They are economic tools for town driving and public interest doesn’t really extend beyond that. Yet these little marvels are capable of much more. Most of them can hold their own on the motorway and are perfectly able to manage distance work. In short, they are underestimated because the manufacturers don’t really push all their virtues.

Polo’s, IQ’s, Swift’s, 500’s, i10’s, Fabia’s and even Granddad’s favourite, the Jazz, are all cracking cars in their own right. All manufacturers have a small car to call their own and now Vauxhall are getting in on the act with the funky new Adam. Ideally, they’d have a chosen a different name but that’s a matter of personal choice.

The Adam is likely to take the market by storm, given its modern chic looks. Build quality looks to be superb. The variation options are called Jam (trendy), Glam (luxury) and Slam (sporty); so presumably the names were chosen whilst under the influence of an hallucinogen. This small car is designed to rival the Mini and aims to really push the boat out as Vauxhall are claiming that it would be possible to order over one million trim and colour combinations, which seems excessive and is likely to inspire some weird and wonderful choices. Still, Vauxhall won’t concern themselves with resale values but they have promised to ensure that customers don’t go too mad. Illuminated starlight interior roof panel anyone?

So, overall, the small car is king. Long may it reign.

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