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Range Rover Evoque – Something Special

The Evoque is the glamorous junior member of the Land Rover family of prestige SUV‘s. The gauges on our car featured ‘crystal’ effect markers that turned red in dynamic mode. Your editor was a little uneasy about this at first as being a bit OTT but otherwise there isn’t even a hint of tanning salon about it.

Ev1 Range Rover Evoque   Something SpecialThe model featured in the image is in five door Prestige trim with a splendid two-tone paint job and a smart interior. Although this car came with some luxury accoutrements and elegant on-road manners it was perfectly capable of a serious foray onto the rough stuff.

The Evoque has been one of the most successful Land Rover vehicles ever made. It helps that the car loaned to Motor Blogger costs just over £40,000 basic plus, in this case, around £10k’s worth of options that buyers will actually want. A good deal given what you get for the money, especially considering the baby Range Rover has made further leaps forward with the introduction of a host of new technologies. These enhancements lower fuel consumption by up to 11.4 percent and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 9.5 percent – depending on model – and bring a range of new comfort, convenience and connectivity features.

Customers ordering vehicles from the 2014 range, will benefit from some new features, including a  truly brilliant new 9-speed automatic transmission that delivers improved economy, reduced emissions, enhanced performance. First shown at the Geneva Motor Show last year, the ZF-9HP automatic transmission is among the world’s first 9-speed units fitted to a passenger car. It has an ultra-fast response time and an adaptive shift programme that quickly matches the driving style.

The Evoque comes in four trim levels all of which are available in both 5-door and Coupe versions. As alluded to above, you have to add a bundle of additional cash to get the desirable extras. On this car these included the Intelligent Pack for £700 which features Water-wade sensing, Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition and  Headlamps  with Automatic High Beam Assist. By way of an extra flex of the plastic, buyers can also have the Lux Pack for a healthy £4,650. This offers a powered tailgate, fixed panoramic roof and a rather good 825w Meridian sound system.

The pack also includes a dual view touchscreen and digital television plus a surround camera system with tow assist, blind spot monitor, keyless entry, parallel parking and good old climate control. That should be enough to keep everyone occupied.

The driver though will not be thinking about any of this because he will be having too good a time driving the thing. This is because the Evoque can, in true Range Rover fashion, be set up to cope with a variety of terrain and surfaces but, importantly, it also has a ‘dynamic’ mode which offers car-like handling and driving characteristics for day to day motoring.

There’s the option of a powerful 240hp 2.0L petrol engine but most buyers will want either the eco eD4 150PS version of the 2.2L diesel for best economy or the perfect compromise, the same engine in SD4 mode with 190PS and auto stop-start which is the best choice. By avoiding a tendency to go heavy with the right foot drivers could well see 40mpg from this big car.

As you would expect, the interior is superb. Leather – obviously – with very comfortable and multi-adjustable seats and steering wheel. As can be seen from the image the centre consul is well laid out with most functions accessed through the touch screen. Drive is chosen from the now familiar rising selector. This is a very special car indeed and worthy of consideration – if you can afford it.

Ev2 Range Rover Evoque   Something Special

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‘Start Off-Road’ Scheme For Young Drivers

In a burst of insane thinking that might also be a good idea, those mad impetuous fools at Land Rover have devised the ‘Start Off-Road’ scheme for young would-be drivers between the ages of eleven and seventeen.

What’s more, they’re allow these kids to have the keys to a Range Rover Evoque. Don’t worry though, they will not be allowed on the road. It’s track and field only for them.

Seems like a plan. Anything that instils into young drivers a sense of their our ability and handling skills coupled with a sense of responsibility has got to be a good thing. They will experience true off-road driving, that will teach them skills and techniques that they will go on to utilise throughout their future years both on and off road, helping to develop skills and techniques that they will go on to utilise throughout their future years both on and off road.

Participants have the chance to experience driving techniques including basics such as steering, braking and reversing, as well as more advanced skills such as climbing and descending hills, crossing ditches and ridges, negotiating ruts, wet grass and mud, and even crossing water.

The idea is based on statistical evidence that younger drivers pick up new skills easier and are more open to learning good driving habits. By instilling into them the basics and sound principles of good practice it is hoped that they will gain invaluable experience for later in life.

And then of course there’s the Range Rover Evoque which these kids are going to get to drive whilst the rest of us have our metaphoric noses pressed up against the outside of the window looking in. Each Range Rover Evoque is fitted with dual controls for safety as well as an automatic gearbox, and a dedicated team of instructors are on hand to take participants through every scenario. Parents can also take part in the activity. Expect many to sign up for the schemes in and around the Midlands and South.

In preparing would-be young drivers in this way, not only does it, as mentioned, add skills but it also gives instructors the chance to develop good practice. Overall, this is excellent news from Land Rover and is to be welcomed.

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New Freelander – The Best Yet

At the time of writing it is early in the morning and very cold. It is so cold that there’s a brass monkey at the door trying to borrow some welding equipment. The problem with the UK is that the weather is so variable it is hard to know what sort of car to buy. For example, many drivers would love a sports car for that wind in your hair / open skies thrill; but is it worth it for three days a year? Probably not, in which case – on the basis that the weather is more likely to be against us – why not buy a Freelander instead?

As luck would have it there’s a new version. That’s it in the image. Clearly in keeping with the family look, it is a marked improvement on the previous model which, although good, is beginning to look a bit dated and hasn‘t been as well regarded or as capable as its bigger siblings off road. Land Rover are very confident about the abilities of this new car however. Recently tested in conditions much worse than we can expect in this country it came up trumps in all departments.

For starters, it looks good with styling cues found on the Range Rover and Evoque. The Freelander also gains the Evoque software for the terrain response and hill descent functions. Throttle response is governed by a choice of four surface settings – grass, gravel and snow are lumped together and there is also a choice of asphalt, mud and sand. This just about covers all eventualities. There is no diff-lock or low range ‘box but this is the baby of the family after all and with prices starting at around a very reasonable £26000 (2WD will be a bit cheaper), it’s to be expected that some technology found on the other cars will be missing. Most users won’t miss them.

Power now comes from a 2.2L diesel engine configured at 148bhp in the TD4 version and a more beefy 188bhp in the SD4 model. There are no petrol engines on offer but in this type of vehicle most buyers would undoubtedly choose the oil-burner in any case. As we’ve come to expect in these frugal days there will also be an economy version – the eD4 – which offers a thrifty 47mpg. This is more likely to be suited to customers who rarely venture into the rough. Real mud-pluggers need the sort of torque that only a diesel can really deliver.

As you’d expect the interior has also been refurbished to a high standard, pinching the Evoque’s colour touch screen in the process. This features all the usual infotainment gadgetry plus the very useful rear view reversing camera – a bonus in a big car. For users of caravans or trailers there‘s even a ‘hitch-assist’ gizmo which superimposes a graphic to show the exact position of the tow-ball.

In a market segment that includes the Volvo XC60 and similar offerings from Audi and BMW, the Freelander will have to show that it is the model to buy. It certainly competes on price and early road tests are saying that Land Rover are onto another winner.

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