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How Your Excess Affects the Cost of UK Car Insurance

You may have heard that adjusting your excess can affect the cost of your UK car insurance, and this is entirely true. The excess is the amount of money you are responsible for each time you file a claim. You can choose to raise your excess amount to lower your premium. However, if you do not have the financial means to pay a higher excess amount, you can choose a lower excess amount with a higher premium. Before you make any changes to your excess amount, however, you should consider a few key points. Click here for car insurance quotes from Kwik-Fit Insurance.

Adjusting Your Excess

Many drivers think that adjusting their excess amount is a difficult process. However, typically it involves contacting your agent to request the change. In some cases, the effect can take hold immediately, and may notice the difference on your next premium statement. In other cases, you must wait for your policy to renew before the changes will go into effect. Adjusting your excess is a fast and simply way to gain more control over the cost of your insurance.

How Much Can You Afford?
It is common for drivers to increase their excess to the highest amount possible. Their goal is to make their premium as low as possible. However, some drivers have unfortunately increased their excess to such a high level that filing a claim was not affordable. You can use your excess to make your insurance more affordable, but you should keep an eye on both the premium cost as well as your comfort level with paying the excess. Keep in mind that your excess is often paid after a sudden and unexpected event. You typically will not have time to save up money to pay the excess, so the excess should be an amount of money that you have on hand to pay as needed.

Making Insurance Affordable
If you have only a nominal amount of money in your savings account, you may be wondering how you can strategically use an adjustment to your excess to make insurance affordable. One option is to gradually increase your excess amount. A small adjustment to your excess today will result in some savings on your premium. You can apply that premium savings to your savings account balance. As your savings account balance grows, you can increase your excess further for additional savings to your premium. This is a financially responsible step that you can take to make it more affordable to pay for a higher excess amount.

If you have not yet considered adjusting your excess amount, you should look into the option today. You can enjoy savings on your premium by making even a small increase to your excess amount. By gradually increasing your excess amount over time, you can enjoy significant savings on your premium while still ensuring that using your insurance as needed is affordable.

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Getting The Best Car Insurance Quote

Car insurance is a necessary evil that all drivers have to endure.  It is one of the most expensive aspects of running a car and insurance companies seem to try and hike their prices up on an ongoing basis.

When it comes to car insurance there is a whole host of factors taken into account when working out your premium.  Two people driving exactly the same cars can receive insurance quotes that are literally hundreds, or even thousands of pounds different.  The reason is because insurance companies don’t just take into account the car that you are driving but they also take into account many aspects of you and your history as well as where you live.

Because there are so many factors to take into account, by far the best way to get the best insurance quote nowadays is to use an online comparison site.  Gone are the days when a whole day would have to be put aside to phone up dozens of companies and go through a twenty minute question-and-answer session with each broker.  An insurance comparison site will instantly show you the best price for you, your car and your circumstances.

However, don’t stop there.  Many people opt to then simply go ahead, click on the cheapest quote and proceed to enter their credit card details.  If the insurance company with the cheapest quote isn’t an “Online only” company then do not proceed to the checkout, instead, get their phone number and then call them up as if you are asking for a quote for the first time.  Then when they ask if you have had any prices already try quoting a couple of prices cheaper than the cheapest price you saw on the comparison site.  You will be amazed how many insurance companies will drop their price to meet a competitor’s quote.  Sometimes they simply won’t be able to do it but if they can then there is every chance that they will!

The thing is that insurance companies want your business and the person on the end of the phone gets a small bonus for getting your business.  Their website however is non-negotiable and there is no real person there incentivised to get you onboard.  By speaking to a real person who is financially motivated to get your business you will find that if there is a way to drop the price then they will.

Sometimes this can mean a saving of just a few pounds, but at the end of the day a five minute phone call is worth a few pounds.  In other cases though you will be surprised at just how much you can save.  If you are one of the unlucky people who have a very expensive insurance premium due to the kind of car you drive or your driving history then it is possible to save literally hundreds of pounds on what was already the cheapest quote in the first place!

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