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Car News Updates

Last year Motor Blogger reported on news from the motoring world and for some of these reports things have moved on. For instance, over the last couple of years there’s been a bit of a buzz (sorry) about electric cars. They were thought to be the coming thing but now they are not going anywhere. New car buyers are all very aware of the drawbacks of this technology and now it seems that this has begun to sink in with the car makers.

Nissan had high hopes for its Leaf EV yet it has failed to achieve a planned sales figure worldwide of 20,000 Leafs (or should that be Leaves?). In the UK, less than 1500 electric cars were registered in 2012. Meanwhile Audi have had a bit of a think and have pulled the plug (sorry) on the A2 EV that was planned for 2015. Toyota, Peugeot and Citroen are all scaling back their electric plans. Renault – trying a slightly different approach whereby they lease batteries – are sticking with it for now and hope to turn on (sorry) buyers with the new Zoe (pictured), but even that has been delayed. Electric cars are a great idea but unfortunately the science isn’t there yet and the customers know it.

Another trend that is rather more worrying is the recent rise in accidents. Broadly speaking, statistics show that car accidents have been slowly reducing over the years as new car technology improves safety but now they are on the up again. Despite what you might hear officially this has at least got to be due in part to the drop in the policing of our roads as forces cut back. The number of traffic cops has dropped significantly.

The other reason for it as we have previously mentioned is that car owners are cutting back on servicing. The number of fatal road accidents caused by defective vehicles has risen for the first time in ten years. There were over 1600 accidents in 2011 that involved fatalities, of which some 52 were proven to have been caused by faults on cars. That’s only a small percentage now but the figure is going up. Worn tyres and bad brakes were predominately to blame.

The reason for this seems to be that motorists are cutting back on car costs without considering the ramifications. It’s a form of desperation caused by our dire national financial situation. As garage prices have risen so it appears that some cars never get serviced at all which means that defects are even less likely to be discovered until it is too late. A sorry state of affairs for which, right now, there doesn‘t seem to be an answer.

For sure new car buyers are increasingly looking at small inexpensive cars with low running costs in order to save money on motoring expense; but they aren‘t buying electric vehicles – preferring to go for frugal diesels and hybrids. We’ll have to wait and see how the industry responds.

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Take Care With Car Repairs

As cars have become more technically advanced, so they have become increasingly complicated. Whilst under warranty any faults are usually someone else’s problem but when the three year limit arrives car owners are basically on their own.

It seems that on an almost yearly basis new regulations are added to MOT examinations. A simple warning light that historically may well have been ignored is now potentially a prelude to a large bill. Once upon a time drivers would by and large make their own repairs but these days – unless you are very skilled – it is probably out of the question.

Regular servicing is key to avoiding the pitfalls of parts failure and irritating breakdowns. To avoid or extend service intervals may seem like an economy but will you can be sure cost in the long run. This is why it is important to leave the work to experts in automotive repair. These days professional garages have the necessary diagnostic equipment to seek out what ails an automobile. Wherever you live there’s sure to be a listing simply by doing a search for, say, ‘MOT Croydon’ or similar, to suit your needs.

A good independent garage will have knowledge of all the major motor brands and will probably offer rates significantly better than a main dealer. They may also be able to source guaranteed car parts at a lower price. In fact, even if your car is under three years old a garage unconnected to any specific manufacturer will be able to meet all servicing needs without affecting any future warranty claims.

The same goes for accident damage. Once the initial shock has worn off the search begins again for the right people for the job. Once again, reaching for the trusty computer it is a simple matter to search for car body repairs in Croydon or anywhere else. With the cost of car insurance the sensible driver will be looking for a very good deal on car repairs. As before, your local independent can usually sort out accident repairs, alloy wheel repairs, paintwork and most other forms of bodywork damage.

When searching, look for a website that looks as if the owners care about how they are perceived. A reputable family run business that caters for MOTs, servicing and repairs will have testimonials available coupled with all the information needed to make an informed choice.

The sad fact is that we all, at some point or another, will drop a wheel down into a pothole or slip on black ice and require the services of professional mechanics. The important thing is to choose wisely. It may cost you some money but it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

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Saving Money On Servicing

Servicing is very important to keeping your car running efficiently and in preventing breakdowns.  It can also help you achieve a higher resale price when you finally come to selling your car and can mean that you shift your car a lot quicker.  More and more often, buyers will simply ignore and completely ignore any car that doesn’t have a service history, making it practically impossible to sell.

The costs of servicing can add up though.  MOT’s, full services, part services and then the costs of fixing anything that has gone wrong can all add up to some really significant sums.  There are a few ways of minimising these costs though.

The first thing to do is to try and time your MOT and servicing so that they are due at the same time.  Many garages will offer a discount when you combine your MOT and service and have them both done at the same time.  The reason is simple – When they conduct an MOT they are already getting involved in your car and checking the essentials.  This crosses over with a lot of the stuff that they will check out in a service and therefore they can afford to charge you less as it is quicker and easier for them to do both at the same time.  If you don’t make use of this discount you are effectively paying for your brakes to be checked on your MOT and then paying for them to be checked again on your service.  So, try to get them both done together at a discount.

The second thing is to use a specialist.  Using main dealers can be extremely expensive and see huge hourly rates.  Using a specialist can knock as much as 50% off these prices and sometimes even more.  The irony is that most specialists originally worked at the main dealers and then moved on to start their own business.  This effectively means that you are paying someone who is just as qualified and experienced on your car as the main dealer but at a fraction of the price.  They will also often make a smaller mark up on parts as well which can save even more money.

The most important tip for saving money on servicing though is to not avoid a service!  Some people think the best way to save money is to simply ignore a service and just keep driving.  This can actually prove to be the most expensive decision of all because missing a service can mean that you miss detecting small problems before they grow into big problems that can cost serious money!

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