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Furry Dice To Make A Comeback?

Since the dawning of time a certain portion of the population have modified and pimped their rides. Some customisation jobs make you look at the car and driver and wonder what exactly they were thinking of and from which brain disease they were suffering. The addition of many spoilers and spinners do not make for a better car and, even for the most basic of models, resale value is sure to be reduced; unless, of course, the seller can find an equally idiotic buyer.

In the same way that neutral colours are supposed to be beneficial in the sale of houses, so a conservative outlook with your car will ensure it can be promptly sold. This is what happens when a buyer, in the interests of giving his new car purchase a bit of individuality, goes overboard with the options list. The market dictates, for example, that boring silver cars hold their value whilst green and maroon ones lose money faster than a fallen favourite. White cars – formerly described by dealers as ‘60 day white’ because of the difficulty in shifting them off the forecourts – is now the most popular colour. Tastes change but nobody wants pointless pimping.

Unless you have an ear of such fine tune that only the finest harmonics will do, there is no good reason for speccing-up the sound system or fitting some after-market job. At resale time, it will not add value and neither will over-the-top leather trim options, odd colours or massive sparkly alloy wheels. Although they may look good, ordering larger wheel options can defeat the object. Bigger wheels cost more in tyres, may make the ride less comfortable and are easier to kerb, causing costly damage. Even complex climate control systems, good as they are, don’t add value. Everybody expects some basic air-con these days (how ever did we manage before it?) but most buyers won’t be looking specifically at that option when researching their purchase.

There are, however, some options which will help to keep value in your precious wheels. If it’s not fitted as standard, a buyer will always find a satellite navigation option in the lists. Here in the UK we like our sat-navs. Many drivers have foresworn paper maps in favour of clip-on devices but it looks so much better if the system is built in. The built-in option always seems to be eye-wateringly expensive compared to mobiles but most of that money will come back at sale time, so it’s quite a smart investment.

Bluetooth, another invention which makes one wonder what life was like before it, is a must. These days most so-called infotainment centres have it built in and will pair with one or more mobile phones stashed about ones person. Then there’s reversing sensors – they make sense on any vehicle. Quality, useful extras of this type will always help a car to depreciate less.

It pays to be careful what you order. Think about the options before you specify them and ask yourself if they will add value. And the furry dice? Not a problem when it comes to resale because you just untie them from the rear-view mirror and fit them straight into your new motor. Stylish.

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A Car of Many Colours

Since the dawn of time and down through the ages, colour has played an important and essential part of life. Joseph had his Technicolor Coat, Robin Hood his hose – a form of trousering, incidentally, and not something you wash the car with – of Lincoln Green and so on. OK, I know these aren’t actual proven facts but this is a blog not a history lesson and they make the point. Colour is rife in nature; red, for example, means danger: white stilettos mean something else entirely. Let’s not go there.

These days we tend to categorise people and things by colour. Pink for girls and blue for boys is an obvious example, so it is no surprise that car manufacturers now offer their products in a riot of rainbow options for us to choose from. Henry Ford wrote in his autobiography when referring to the Model T that “Any customer can have a car painted any color [sic] that he wants so long as it is black”. Thankfully, we’ve moved on from there.

That’s the good news. Now for the bad. The colour of the new car you choose says a lot about you as a person. A red car says you are a daredevil, a bit of a rascal. It makes you want to go fast and, in men, appears to enhance virility. It also stands out like a beacon to the cops. There’s even been a suggestion that insurance companies frown upon red for the aforementioned reasons. How about Orange cars? You don’t see many of those about, do you? That’s because it is the choice of creative and individualistic people, or show-offs as they are known to the rest of us.

Now, a nice yellow car is driven by party loving, fun and bubbly people, so probably not English then, who are the life and soul, like a dandelion in a sea of green. And speaking of green; this is a colour that shows you to be an outdoorsy sort of cove, one who loves the countryside and hugging trees and the like. The green car driver likes to give advice and generally calm and soothe the atmosphere. Note: they may smell a bit of patchouli oil. Call them when you are going camping or trying to assemble a yurt.

Alternatively, black is authoritative. It says that you’ve arrived as a captain of industry – the boss. You are professional and sophisticated and your choice of new car is likely to be a Beemer and your choice of new wife is likely to be twenty years younger than you. It won’t last you know. Never does. People will think you are really awesome, like Lord Sugar or Peter Mandleson. Then there are silver cars. These are generally bought by…..oh sorry, I must have nodded of there for a moment. Silver is a safe colour in the used car market.

So, the choice is yours. How do you want to be seen? What will people think about you when you turn up in your new purple automobile? I don’t really mean to make the already difficult task of choosing any harder but you have been warned.

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Colour Matters

Have you ever really given any thought to the colour of your car?  If you bought your car brand new then you probably opted for the specific colour in the manufacturers range that you wanted.  However, if you bought your car second hand then there is more of a chance that you simply went with whatever colour happened to be on the best value car that met the spec that you were looking for.

So just how much does colour matter when it comes to cars?  Well, like anything else in life, certain products have more demand than others and sometimes this can be determined by something as simple as colour.  Some colours are more desirable than others while other colours are more fashionable in the short term.

Research shows that it all depends on the type of car you are driving.  In certain cases, a specific colour of a certain car can dramatically increase the price, while another car can see a significantly lower resale price.

Let’s take, for example, a Ferrari.  The resale values of Ferrari’s that are not red, yellow or black are often significantly less.  For example, a smoky blue Ferrari will often command literally thousands of pounds less than its red counterpart when it comes to resale, despite them both being of exactly the same spec, mileage and quality in every aspect.  The reason here would be that Ferrari’s are famous for being red and it is a colour that really stands out.  The chances are that anyone buying a Ferrari is doing so to stand out from the crowd and therefore wants a bold colour and therefore a regular blue colour simply isn’t good enough.  Therefore there is less demand and therefore it achieves a lower resale price.  The same also goes for Lamborghini’s and various other sports cars.

On the flip side, when it comes to executive cars, it is the darker and more reserved colours that maintain their price best.  The last thing you want here is a bright red Ford Mondeo.  The typical driver of a Ford Mondeo is looking to blend in and be part of the crowd, not stand out.  That means that the generic colours of silver and grey often hold their prices best.

When it comes to most other cars, anything in black or white always holds on to its price better than any other colour.  So, next time you come to purchasing a car, give some serious thought to that shade of pink that you like so much!

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