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How to Cope With Physical and Psychological Injuries after an Accident

Being the victim of an accident is never pleasant. The immediate consequences are pain and discomfort and depending on the severity of the accident, this can range from mild to extreme.

However, it’s not just the immediate consequences that need to be addressed. Sometimes long-term effects, both psychological and physical, can be experienced and these can be the most debilitating. So, how do you cope with them?

Enter rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation can be a long and difficult road. Physiotherapy is often helpful and in some cases, essential for regaining the control of your body and range of movement you experienced before the accident.

Take it slow

In some cases, surgery may be required to repair damaged tissue or ligaments and in these instances, your physical recovery may take longer. It is important to follow the guidance you are given by healthcare professionals and not attempt to rush your recovery. Doing so could actually push your progress back further, leaving you struggling to get back on your feet.

Attend counselling

Recovery is often slow and hard, so you need to be prepared for it mentally. Often the psychological impacts of an accident or injury are overshadowed by the physical, but it is the mental scars which can take longest to heal. Speaking to others about your ordeal is always recommended and this is where counselling can help.

Whether you attend one-on-one consultations or attend group sessions, talking about your experiences and sharing your feelings can help you cope with the mental stress of the incident. There are many support groups for people who have been victims of accidents and realising you are not alone or isolated can really aid your physical and mental recovery.

Seek compensation

It can also help to remove anxiety and concern about other areas of your life. If you are worried about money and your inability to work following an accident, then there are numerous steps you can take.

It might be a good idea to see if you are entitled to some form of compensation. If the accident was not your fault then you may be entitled to claim for damages and lost earnings. Experts at http://www.injurylawyers4u.co.uk can help establish whether you have a strong case and may even operate on a no win no fee basis for added financial security, in case your claim is unsuccessful.

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Car Repairs Overlooked As Households Struggle

A total of sixty people have just been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, one of the UK’s biggest ‘cash for crash’ scams. Drivers living in the area of these scams have had to pay up to one hundred pounds more for their car insurance as a consequence of this criminal activity.

The cost of these inflated premiums is just another burden for struggling motorists who are battling to balance the books at home and on the road. It has now been estimated that a million car owners are driving around in accident damaged vehicles because they are wary of losing their no claims discounts and, as a consequence, having to pay much higher premiums as the insurers seek to recover their outlay.

The problem is that although the damage may appear superficial it could in fact be compromising the safety of the car. It’s understandable of course; with household expenses fighting with high fuel prices and other motoring costs for supremacy, somewhere, something has to give. As a result car repairs are being ignored because drivers are selecting the highest possible ‘excess’ offers on their policies – some as high as £750 which greatly reduces premium cost – and then finding they don’t have the funds to effect the repair privately, unless it is of a very minor nature.

National average mileage has dropped significantly as motorists cut down on driving to save money but the number of accidents has remained largely static. What has changed is that the percentage of accidents reported to authorities has fallen by 2.2% and, crucially, the number of recorded repairs has dropped by an scary twenty one percent.

The safety risk is that the damage done by minor prangs may be more than cosmetically skin deep. The structural integrity of the vehicle may have been affected in some way. There are components at the front of the car; the structural ‘crash box’ (a zone in the front of the vehicle designed to collapse under heavy impact thus reducing the consequences of the crash on the passenger cell), radiator, hydraulics or airbag sensors could all have received part of the impact which could at a minimum have moved them out of true. The worry is that, in the event of a further unfortunate accident, the car may be less able to withstand the collision.

There seems to be no let up on the populace. Bills continue to increase even as income drops. It is therefore unsurprising that desperate drivers look at further ways to save. The trouble is, how long will it be before an accident becomes a tragedy as a consequence?

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How to claim compensation for a car accident | Guest Blogger

Have you been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault? Were you injured in any way? Do you fear getting back in the car or returning behind the wheel? Would you like to claim compensation but don’t know how to go about it? Here’s a quick guide on what you need to know to make a road accident claim, and what to look out for.

What type of car accident have you had?

There are many different road traffic accidents and it doesn’t matter what type you have had to be able to claim compensation. Whether you have had a head-on collision, been rear ended or had a motorway accident, you are entitled to some compensation.

What type of accident you have had might result in your injury. You may require months off work or even lifetime treatment, and for this you can make a road accident claim.

How do I claim for my accident?

To be able to put in a viable road accident claim, you must be able to prove that the accident was not your fault. In many instances, the other driver (or drivers) will admit fault. But where there are those tricky ones, you may be required to have witnesses that can support your claim.

It might be that you were a passenger in the car and the accident was the fault of the driver. However the accident occurred, if it was not your fault you can make a road accident claim if you can prove that your injuries, trauma or losses were the fault of someone else.

Find an expert who deals with road accident claims

It can be quite the jungle out there for road accident claims. There are so many claim management sites that it can be difficult knowing which ones to trust and who is going to charge less. The ‘No win no fee’ sites beg the question ‘how much do I pay if I win?’

You don’t want to be paying out the majority of your compensation claim. If you want to claim and would like to speak to experts on road accident claims go to the Injury Lawyers 4 U website. They too host a ‘no win no fee’ campaign, however, all their fees are covered by the other parties involved, leaving you with 100% of your compensation. Simple!

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Involved in a car accident? Claim today

We all hope that we will never have a car accident and need to make a claim for things like whiplash compensation, but it happens more frequently than you may think. However, not many people have ever worried about this enough to research it. So, when it does happen you need to know that you can find expert advice in regards to making a claim.

There are many people out there who claim to offer “no win no fee” or say they have all the experience, but is this true? Working with expert solicitors from a legal firm means that you have the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve.


When researching for claims, you need to know where to look – who to search for. It is fairly simple really; you need an accessible and knowledgeable law firm to give you clear advice. Finding one of those isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but when you use a website like Road Traffic Accident Site you will be in safe hands.


You need to find out all about road traffic incidents and what this means to you. A guide to compensation and a rundown of common injuries is crucial. Know what your problem is and then find the way to solve it.


Most firms will set you up with a “no win no fee” deal that gives you all the compensation. This is ideal for these situations because it means you’re never making a loss. By getting the When it comes down to it, online are games of luck. right documentation going in – plus a top law firm – you will be putting your best foot forward for a top claim.


You’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault. Many people may think that this is something that they should just get on with. What about my insurance? Or it will take too long they might say. But, it’s your right to claim.


Evidence should be collated as soon as an incident occurs. So, photographs, eye witness reports and documents regarding losses should be created. From here, you need to get in touch with the experts and file straight away.

And there’s more

It is impossible to get everything online and you have to speak to people in person before deciding anything, and this is why you need to get in touch. Every case will have its unique points, so find your base and then speak directly to an expert for more information.

A solicitor will need to know exactly what happened, what evidence there is and how this has changed your life. Interim payments from work are possible in some cases. So, now is the time to see if you could make a claim and using the internet and professionals to guide you through the process is the perfect strategy.

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