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Keep Calm, Carry On – And Buy A Car

Motor Blogger has no doubt that most people with at least half a brain could make a better job of running the economy than the present incumbent on the basis that they do at least have an understanding of what life is like on the ground floor of existence. Sadly though none of us are likely to get the chance, so there is nothing to be done about it. Instead of worrying then, why not treat yourself?

Buying a car is great. It’s a treat we don’t get very often, after all. They are expensive enough to merit some serious pondering before parting with your hard-earned cash, but generate enormous pleasure and satisfaction to the lucky new owners.

The problem is that most of us only have a finite amount of money to spend on what is, in effect, a luxury purchase. Should one push the boat out and go for a new car, or maybe cannily buy a used vehicle and save a bit? There are advantages to both.

Buying new means that the happy customer can have a car that is made to order, like a bespoke suit. Specifications can be fiddled with and colour combinations discussed. Options lists can be pored over to make the new car as unique as possible. The choice of fuel can be considered – conventional fuels or perhaps a hybrid or even an electric job. All avenues are open.

A new car hasn’t had any accidents, hasn’t been stolen and won’t require a check for outstanding finance. It will not have been fiddled about with and won’t have have signs of wear and no suspicious stains to ponder over. It will have a full length warranty and you will not have to trek across the land seeking your heart‘s desire. It will chock-full of the latest technology. All the connectivity you need is just a pencil tick away and the car will be as safe as the latest regulations require.

A new car will be more fuel efficient. It will be kinder to the environment. The Green brigade will nod with approval and your bank manager will be grateful for the variety of finance or lease agreements available. There is no doubt that a new car ticks all the boxes. But there‘s a downside. New cars depreciate. They lose the most value in the first couple of years of their life? Some cars will lose as much as forty percent of their value as soon as they leave the forecourt. This is an important consideration.

A used car might after all be preferable. For a start your money will go further. A more upmarket motor will be available for the same (or less) money than that new vehicle you covet. It might not have the very latest gadgets on board but it may well be better appointed for comfort and smoothness of ride.

For the most part a quality used car from a reputable source will already have lost most of that first hit of depreciation. Certainly there will be signs of use but a careful inspection and selection of cars with a full service history should show clearly that the vehicle is in good order. Remember, 30,000 miles on the clock is nothing these days.

It may well be that you can’t find exactly the car for you but the choice of used cars on the market at any one time should mean you could well come close to that ideal specification without too much trouble. These days the latest number plate only lasts six months so it all comes down to a personal decision. New or used? You pays your money….

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Think Before You Buy A New Car

After a while everyone gets a bit fed up with their existing car and the urge comes upon them that it is time for a change. Well, there’s an old motto that goes ‘buy in haste, repent at leisure’ and this could well have been written about the act of trading up to another vehicle. There are plenty of excellent used cars on the market so why do people select the first thing that the first internet search throws up? It’s surprising how often this happens.

The problem is that treating yourself to a new car should, not unreasonably, be an enjoyable experience and in all the excitement common sense can be overlooked. The trick is not to be talked into a rash purchase. It is all very well standing on a forecourt being impressed by big talk from a sales person but all may not be as it seems. It is a crucial part of buying a car that a decision is made with due care and attention.

For example, how many people, even today, buy a car without doing a ? It is one of the great truths that you can’t take people’s word for things. A data check costs peanuts and can be done on the spot if for no other reason than peace of mind. In the same vein, anyone who buys a car without checking and verifying the paperwork is simply asking to get duped.

The other aspects that potential buyers tend to overlook are the costs involved in running this or that car. Vehicle Excise Duty goes up every year – or so it seems – and it needs to be costed into the equation. Modern cars are good and reliable but sometimes the servicing costs can be surprisingly high and spare parts expensive. To many people ignore these figures and only find out later what it is going to cost them.

Key to ensuring the budget is equal to the spend is looking into the price of car insurance. It may not be quite so exciting as it is to buy a car spontaneously but checking with a reliable insurance company like 1st Central Insurance before setting your heart on a particular brand or model may well be the difference between enjoyment and disappointment. This is especially true of younger drivers for whom a competitive quote is vital.

Buying a quality used car is fun. No matter how modest the purchase may be the new owner will still be looking out the window at their new pride and joy sitting outside. There are right ways to buy a car and there are wrong ways. Don’t get carried away by rushing a purchase. Car insurance is an important part of this decision. It matters, so choose wisely.

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