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I Want a Car!


If every there was a sentence to strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere it is that one. Children grow into young adults and the bank of Mum and Dad is expected to front up the hard cash needed to put their beloved offspring on the road. What’s worse is that it isn’t just the financial burden that’s the worry for the old folks, they also have to think about safety and running costs – possibly on a student budget.

There’s a lot to think about. Selecting the right car at the right price; one that has manageable expenses, is safe and reliable and crucially is the right price. Parents will, inevitably, especially worry about how a daughter might get on. They know what the boys want – that’s a no-brainer – but finding the right car that suit’s a female buyer may have an entirely different set of parameters.

And so the search commences. Virtually everyone trawls the ‘net these days. Even if it isn’t first choice for the parents, the kids will know their way around but it still remains a bit of a chore. That’s why it is great to know that there’s a new app on the market and it sums up the situation perfectly – I Want A Car.

This exciting new step into the world of cars is a buyers dream. No more having to go to this website or that website, no more trawling the reputations of the country’s sellers; all the facts are now in one place. It’s simple and intuitive to use and any first timer will have no problem using all the search options and the voice search functionality. Those more knowledgeable potential buyers can however cut straight to the point.

 I Want A Car gives the user the complete low-down. Even if the buyer hasn’t the first idea where to start or, indeed, what their ideal car is then this app has the answers, taking the old ways of searching for cars and consigning them to the dusty annals of internet history.

Once that ideal vehicle has been located it is time to contact the dealer. With this new app it’s the buyer that’s in the driving seat. He or she can choose when to contact the seller and whether, in the first instance, they want to remain anonymous. It’s just like sending a friend a text. With hassle-free communication and all the knowledge needed to make an informed decision this is the 21st Century solution to the age old problem of choosing the best car to buy – for all the family. All of a sudden the cry of ‘I want a car!’ isn’t such a problem after all.


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Sponsored Video: Be Sure With ESURE

One of the things that all sensible motorists should be aware of is the fact that driving is dangerous. It’s a given. It is therefore astonishing to note from statistics that driver inattention is a major cause of car accidents. Even more astonishing still is that, despite all the publicity and penalties, people are still using their mobile devices when on the go. In fact, they were responsible for 23% of traffic accidents in 2011.

This percentage is the same figure as the amount of reduction in reaction times of someone trying to send a text whilst driving. Not good.

The problem is that we have all become far to fond of our phones; we like to have them to hand at all times, including when driving. Drivers can be sure that, at the moment they are distracted by ringing or bleeping, that will be the time when the car in front carries out an emergency manoeuvre.
Fortunately, over at ESURE, the car insurance people, they have come up with a simple and yet genius solution. A Smartphone app called DriveOFF. The company decided on this course of action after seeing the results of research by the Transport Research Laboratory demonstrating the dangers of mobile devices when on the road.

This easy to use application takes control of your precious device – in a nice way, obviously – when the car is in motion, at speeds above ten miles per hour. It cleverly uses GPS technology to block all message or call signals thus saving you from yourself. All you’ll see is a static screensaver of your choice. When you’ve stopped you’ll be free to respond.

ESURE are well known for their competitive car insurance quotes with all the benefits you need like protecting your NCD or getting access to a 24 hour helpline. You’ll be well covered with ESURE and now, with the benefit of DriveOFF you will be much less likely to have to call them. That’s good news for road safety and your pocket!

This article is sponsored by ESURE but is very much all our own work.

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Happiness is an abstract concept. Curiously, you can feel it but you can’t touch it. Our cars make us happy but this euphoria evaporates almost from the minute you pull out and enter traffic. This is when even the most benign suburban streets can turn into a war zone.
As if life wasn’t tough enough, the average motorist has a lot to additionally deal with. Poor road surfaces, rotten weather and the rules of the road all seem to conspire against drivers; and yet these inconveniences pale into insignificance when compared with the bane of our lives – other drivers. The French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre, once said that “Hell is other people”. Clearly, at some point, he has driven in the UK.
People: stop and think for a minute. What sort of driving personality are you? Some of you will be careful, others volatile. Perhaps there are some who should be locked up for their own good. Is that a devil or an angel on your shoulder? Watch the video and seek your inner self. Maybe it’s time to be a little more charitable to each other and just maybe that might help to reduce the dings and scrapes of modern motoring. Feel the love on the streets and be happy.

This post has been sponsored by but the thoughts are our own.

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Do you have an adventurous family? Are your lot a latter day Swiss Family Robinson? Well, now’s the time to prove it. Those nice people at Tom-Tom have come up with a terrific adventure wheeze on the tropical island paradise of Mauritius.
It’s simple really. TomTom need an intrepid family to map out this exquisite island, sparkling in the azure Indian Ocean. You’ll all need to know how to negotiate cultural differences, draw maps, triangulate for accuracy, discover local knowledge and .. only kidding! You might find yourself forced to swim in peaceful lagoons or do a little light surfing but hey, you’re working for TomTom, right? How bad can that be?

There’s no need to pack your walking boots – unless you really want to – as you’ll be supplied with your own family sized 4×4 mapping vehicle. If you’re worried about how you could possibly afford this holiday – sorry, working trip – then fear not. TomTom understand your plight and will pay you the magnificent sum of £10,000 for your efforts.

The company will fly all of you to Mauritius and, if that wasn’t enough, they’ll bring you back as well! Because this task is so demanding TomTom will put you up in a 4 Star all inclusive beach resort for 14 nights. So if you think your family has got what it takes then join your host Christopher Bradshaw at and fill out the simple form.
If Mauritius doesn’t float your boat, you can also find out about similar explorations of the Cape Verde Islands or the Seychelles. Let’s face it – would TomTom send you out of your way? Good Luck!
This post has been kindly sponsored by TomTom – The Satellite Navigation People. 

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Sponsored Video – Channelling The Need For Speed

And so it begins. The first race of the 2012 Formula 1 season heralds what looks set to be a bumper year of spectacular motor racing with a packed schedule of 20 events worldwide. Six world champions, including the returning Kimi Räikkönen and including some new boys, will compete in this long and demanding season.

Nothing gets the pulses of the fans racing more than those last few minutes before the red lights go out. The starting grid, a hive of activity, quickly empties as the crews return to the pit lane and anxious faces begin to peer at trackside monitors looking for any telemetry data that suggests a thwarted start. The crowds hush as the tifosi unfurl their banners; the engine revs rise and, in a crescendo of sound and fury, twenty drivers power to the first corner. The tension is released – the race is on!

Armchair enthusiasts are well catered for as Sky introduce their dedicated Formula 1 channel. Offering all this uninterrupted colour and drama in High Definition will surely make up for not actually being there. Some might say that not actually being there is even better. An accomplished team will bring the viewer interviews with drivers and the team bosses coupled with all the trackside and pit lane news as it happens during the race. My goodness – you even get Martin Brundle!

It’s all there. The latest automotive technology, the fixed stares behind the visors, the heat and passion of drivers and pit crews striving to be the best. Only the bravest need apply. Go! Go! Go!


This post has been kindly sponsored by SKY, but all thoughts are our own!

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The Audi R8

The car of the year – the Audi R8 is amazing!


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